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October 2014
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Cocktoberfest Is Here

Happy Samhain

Tomorrow is Halloween, a wonderful holiday otherwise known as Samhain (sow-en) to modern pagans.It is a Sabbat to honor the ancestors that came before us. It is a good time to contact the spirit world though a seance . The veil between the worlds is very thin on Samhain and I . . . → Read More: Cocktoberfest Is Here

A Big Green Butt Plug

A Work Of Art

Tree Or….

A work of art…yes it is. Paul McCarthy’s shocking new sculpture called “Tree” was installed at Place Vendrome in Paris. The inflatable sculpture was vandalized by a spear, and the artist was assaulted. Are the French turning prudish? Apparently. Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images, thank you 🙂

An . . . → Read More: A Big Green Butt Plug

The Lush Spa: A Sissy Goes Organic


Today I saw the cutest flaming gay men walking by just swishing and limp wristing. In had a t-shirt that said “More Issues Than Vogue”. I totally believe it. I looked back as they passed and I swear the one with issues had panty lines!

I just finished a 500 . . . → Read More: The Lush Spa: A Sissy Goes Organic

Xtreme Cock Tease

I want to give you extreme cock tease. How will I do that you ask? Very simple. First it starts with the naked you, hard, horny, and willing to do just about anything for release. I think I will give it a little yank and rub the head up against my leather skirt. . . . → Read More: Xtreme Cock Tease

The Sissie’s Walk Within The Chastity Labyrinth

A Sissy Comes Full Circle

Sissy sadie is my new chastity gurl, of course she has been passed around the company, making her way through the maze. Maybe I should call it a labyrinth, since a walk within the labyrinth is designed to bring one to contemplation and enlightenment. The enlightenment here is . . . → Read More: The Sissie’s Walk Within The Chastity Labyrinth

Cuckolding Is A Dish Best Served Hot

…and you said chastity training please?


I just received the oddest email from some boy “Can you come down to 343 XXXX street, XXX, X at 7:00 pm? I replied “Sure…I’ll be there naked and waiting”. Anyways…..

Cocktoberfest Coming

So we are having a Halloween Party called “Cocktoberfest” on October 30th. It . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Is A Dish Best Served Hot

Surrendering To Chastity

Surrender To Mistress

Finally fuckie fag boi has surrendered to chastity fully. No incidences of chastity cheating, no slipping out of the cage to illicitly stroke, no disappearance, no snippy bitchy attitudes and complaints, and always showing the utmost respect for Mistress. Since this slutty sissy has been calling me for a long . . . → Read More: Surrendering To Chastity

The Cum Eating Season


Cum Eating Seasonal?

It’s that time again where cum eating sessions are at the peak! Is it seasonal? Not according to Chinese medicine. Autumn is ruled by the sweet taste, pumpkins and sweet potatoes are part of the harvest. I would imagine most cum is salty which would mean that winter is . . . → Read More: The Cum Eating Season

Pushing The Orgasm Challenge

Pushing the challenge for fuckie fag boi may be in order. So far over 3 months chaste and up a whole cup size is quite a feat, but I think she can do better. Sissies need strict observance and training. Orgasm denial is simply not enough. Time will tell, and we will see. . . . → Read More: Pushing The Orgasm Challenge