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October 2017
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Complete Cock Control In 5 Minutes

Complete Cock Control In Any Minutes

Complete cock control in 5 minutes is not my idea of a fulfilling phone sex fantasy call, but it is a start. Mostly a boy calls with a very hard cock in hand after thinking about a certain thing, be it sissy training, small penis humiliation, chastity training, . . . → Read More: Complete Cock Control In 5 Minutes

Phone Fantasy: Five Minutes Free

Happy Anniversary LDW

Phone fantasy anniversary celebration all month long. This free Minute giveaway is just one of a few for the month of November. During the first week of LDW’s 15th Anniversary Month, EVERYONE gets a free 5 minute call! Whether you’ve called us before or not, whether it’s been years since your . . . → Read More: Phone Fantasy: Five Minutes Free

Chastity Cage In Camouflage

Pick A Chastity Cage

Chastity cage interest, the variety of cages has become immense. There are pink one’s for sissies, metal ones for the experienced, silicon ones for the athletes, metal cages which include the P.A. pierced, cages for the small penis set.

It Won’t Disappear

I’m not too crazy about the CB6000 but . . . → Read More: Chastity Cage In Camouflage

Strap On Sex And Orgasm Denial

Strap On Sex With Your Sex?

Strap on sex never had it so good combined with chastity, orgasm denial, and all stroking games involved. It’s that little g spot you have that makes it so frustrating, isn’t it? So what I do with you on a cock control phone fantasy call is to make . . . → Read More: Strap On Sex And Orgasm Denial

Cocksucking Adventures For All

Cocksucking Adventures Begins With The First Step

Cocksucking adventures are not only for sissies, there are plenty of boys who are faggy in the closet, and seeing or calling a Mistress for a phone fantasy session is on their list. So let’s get down to it. How bad do you want it is my . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Adventures For All

Phone Domination For Sissy Bois

I Love Phone Domination

Phone domination rules above just plain ole phone sex. Don’t get me wrong, phone sex is a great stress remover in any way shape or form but domination phone sex is where I like it. The point of this post is based on a call from sissy ashley last night . . . → Read More: Phone Domination For Sissy Bois

Stroking With Ice Is Nice

Stroking With A Bag O’ Cubes

Stroking with ice helps boys who lose control. It works like a charm, as it did this morning with a boy who often loses it in mid stroke. I suggest a baggie full of ice cubes, a cold pack that easily wraps around dick. The cold pack is . . . → Read More: Stroking With Ice Is Nice