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November 2018
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Chastity Device Reviews

Why I Like Metal


I have played with may chastity device over the last few years, some good and some not so good.  All have been some sort of plastic or synthetic material.  I could only do limited wear until I purchased a custom metal device.

The first device I tried was the CB2000, which I still have but have not worn in years.  The device was secure but very bulky and did show under clothing.  It also lack the ability to properly clean.  It was a good intro into chastity, but could never get more than a day in the device.  I then went to the CB3000 which was a little more comfortable, but was even more difficult to keep clean.  It also showed under clothing, but I could wear it a little longer than a day.  From there I tried the exobelt, which was a waste, since I could never get the device on properly.  Once the CB6000 was released, I purchased it, and it was my device of choice for years.  Much more comfortable than all previous CB series, but still lack proper hygene, and needed to be removed at least every other day for cleaning.  Once locked in a plastic device for a period of time that causes moisture and sweat, the smell once removed is horrible, no matter how well you clean, it takes time to get rid of that smell.  That was and still is the worst thing of all the plastic devices.  I did try the Birdlock, and Bon4.  I was never able to get the Birdlock over the balls, and the Bon4 was very bulky.  All of the devices were secure and did their purpose but were missing that something special that I wanted in a chastity device.

The current device is a stainless steel custom made device called the “Watchful Mistress”, by Mature Metal.  The steel may be a little heavier than all previous devices, but with a proper fit, especially the cock ring, the device feels right and proper.  It allows for slight stimulation, but no erection.  There is something about steel that enhances any pleasure you get from the device.  Once in the metal device, all sensual and sexual pleasure down there is enhanced even though there is no stroking possible, but my feelings spread throughout my body.  Cleaning with a metal device is much easier, and I have experienced zero smell from sweat or mositure.  The metal is great because moisture does not collect inside the device.

Even after getting a metal device, many adjustments can be made for proper fit and comfort.  It may take time, and additional cost, but is well worth it.  If chastity is something that you desire then money should not be an object when getting a device.  It will be worn continously, and must fit properly.  Think of it as a pair of shoes.  Would you buy shoes that are to small or too big becuase you want to try them (I know women may), but still wear them everyday even if they do not fit, I do not think so.

I really love the metal because of the fit, feel, and ability to wear it long term.  But the most important thing is Ms. Cassandra, who knows how to really push my buttons, as well as limits, and she just loves the fact that her cock is locked in metal.  Maybe, one day, Ms. Cassandra will lock her cock is a Lori’s device, which we both want.  A truly secure stainles steel device.

Locked by Ms. Cassandra