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October 2018
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Playing Charades With Tiny Cock

Tiny cock is a generic name for a boy I talked to today who inspired this blog post.  A novel way to play CFNM? How about Charades. Guess what is written on tiny cock’s piece of paper he will attempt to perform? Try “I have a small penis and I need to be humiliated . . . → Read More: Playing Charades With Tiny Cock

CFNM And Chastity Humiliation

A Good CFNM Session

CFNM with a shiny metal cage can definitely make a naked man blush while serving a group of dominant women with an agenda. That agenda being CFNM humiliation. Better learn how to dance, boy. The riding crop will crop a little harder if you don’t. Why is he in a . . . → Read More: CFNM And Chastity Humiliation

Small Cock Adornment

The Silver Tipped Acrylic Cane

Poor Little Cock

Mostly, little cocks are ignored and put on the back shelf. They are degraded, humiliated, and virtually passed over for the large and lovely alpha cock. Well yes, I confess to that, but a good slave with a small cock does deserve recognition.

CFNM Holiday . . . → Read More: Small Cock Adornment

CFNM and the Submissive

CFNM For Submissive Of All Kinds

CFNM to me is the fun category of BDSM. It is a kinky performance adventure performed by a somewhat submissive slave by direction of one or more mistresses. I say “somewhat” submissive male because some males will not do anything else, so in effect they are “bottoms”. . . . → Read More: CFNM and the Submissive

10 Free Minutes On Wednesday July 29th

Stroke And Edge To This Picture

Free Phone Domination

Don’t you just love jerking off for me, especially with ten free minutes? Do as much time as you like and ten minutes will come off of your total. Be sure to mention it to our awesome dispatchers. We love making you squirm with . . . → Read More: 10 Free Minutes On Wednesday July 29th

The Proctor Game In Beta

Introducing “The Proctor”

Are you ready for the geek’s latest game on Cassandra’s playground? Who will be my first victim ? So, what is The Proctor? Basically it is a chastity themed, BDSM oriented, online activity generator which can be played by individuals, online play partners or real-time couples. The Proctor is a . . . → Read More: The Proctor Game In Beta