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October 2018
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Cuckolding Femdom Style

FLR And The Cuckold Choice

Cuckolding has many variations. Today I address a relationship that started out FLR, and moved on to lots of experimentation into the world of clandestine adventure. Rarely does a couple admit to friends that cuckolding is going on. I have heard of bulls being driven into the garage to . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Femdom Style

Bondage Preparation Part Two

Bondage Preparation¬†¬† This Part¬†covers fuckie fag bois self bondage odyssey. Self bondage takes great focus. can you tell this fun will include cum eating? Any Mistress would enjoy visiting this house finding a sissy slut like this making herself useful in a creative way. Self bondage has been viewed by me on many fantasy . . . → Read More: Bondage Preparation Part Two

Sploshing For The Main Course

The Joy Of Sploshing

Sploshing doesn’t always have to be whipped cream and chocolate syrup. What about the main course? Pork n’ Beans, Chili, Beef Stew, and whatever else you have in a can with lots of savory liquid. Condiments like ketchup, steak sauce, apple sauce, you get the idea can accompany.

Having . . . → Read More: Sploshing For The Main Course

Phone Fantasy: Five Minutes Free

Happy Anniversary LDW

Phone fantasy anniversary celebration all month long. This free Minute giveaway is just one of a few for the month of November. During the first week of LDW’s 15th Anniversary Month, EVERYONE gets a free 5 minute call! Whether you’ve called us before or not, whether it’s been years since your . . . → Read More: Phone Fantasy: Five Minutes Free

Sissy Swim Suit Modeling

Welcome to Cassandraville 1-800-730-7164

Sissy Swim Suit Contest?

It’s summer and it’s time for a sissy fantasy swim suit post. I want to see an itsy bitsy teenie weenie pink polka dot bikini, as the song goes, but not yellow. An itsy bitsy teenie weenie is mandatory, sissies do not have big cocks . . . → Read More: Sissy Swim Suit Modeling

Ball Busting With A Bang!

How Do You Like Your Ball Busting?

What is ball busting with a bang? Well now, while searching for ping pong paddles I came across some very fancy leather ones unlike the wooden ones of the past. Why search for ping pong paddles? Because they are pervertible with a broad surface for the . . . → Read More: Ball Busting With A Bang!

Chastity Programs Have But One Dicktator


Seems I’m running into some boys dicktating the program and reneging on the original deal. Do you know that chastity is a commitment and it’s My way or the skyway? Boys that are just disappearing without a trace, boys that are not showing up as . . . → Read More: Chastity Programs Have But One Dicktator