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January 2008
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Coming Soon : Chastity Hell!

A new site is in the making and I am working on the bio right now. It’s called chastityhell , and will be up and running by early next week.  This site will be phone sex fantasy based instead of real time keyholding for the scared out of their wits guys who are reluctant to take . . . → Read More: Coming Soon : Chastity Hell!

An Afternoon With Sissy Fag "Tiffy TuTu"

Have I ever mentioned a raging sissy boi by the given name sissy tiffy tutu?  tiffy calls now and then while Master Robert is at work or out and about, and tells Me what’s happening in her little forced-bi world.  That evening she was making salmon steaks, baked potatoes, some greens, along with some white wine. tiffy . . . → Read More: An Afternoon With Sissy Fag "Tiffy TuTu"

Domination Hell For Dummies

Domination Hell is up and running and if you have not seen it yet, then you must.  Read each and every bio We have written and choose your Mistress . I happen to enjoy these hard core humiliation calls very much.  Our philosophy is to the point! Thank you Ms Ally for writing this . . . → Read More: Domination Hell For Dummies

Collared And Cocklocked

Here he is again…old c4MC, unchained but now collared and still cocklocked at 55 days.  64 can be the day of retirement maybe. 

I locked him up last night, keys on the way.  I’m concerned because the lock box with shackle keys have not arrived yet and it has been over a . . . → Read More: Collared And Cocklocked

Forced Intoxication Therapy

I have been reading “Drinking With Bukowski”, which is a celebration of never before published interviews and some writings of “Hank” Bukowski.

If a Mistress should decide to dabble in forced intoxication fantasy callers, there are a few things She needs to address:

Are you old enough, healthy enough, a seasoned drinker, do you . . . → Read More: Forced Intoxication Therapy

Yes I Did It, He is Out Of Chains, But……….

At the stroke of midnight on the 13th, the chained one was released , and was he every happy and gleeful.  One key was missing from the mix, however, and that is the key to the cocklock.  Too bad.  Total freedom makes one a bit lax…almost like being in heaven strumming a harp .  . . . → Read More: Yes I Did It, He is Out Of Chains, But……….

The 13th…A Fine Date To Free A Slave

Poor chastie.  The 11th simply could not do…I do not like the number 11.  It’s too symmetrical and boring.  I don’t like 12 either as it’s an even number.  13 is a great number so the decision was changed to let chastie free on the 13th.  First it was 6:oo tomorrow evening but I . . . → Read More: The 13th…A Fine Date To Free A Slave

Inside The Mind Of A Chastity Slave

Thank you so much for this essay, chastie.  I will be asking slave r for his perspective being owned, dominated and  humiliated in real time by Ms G.

Inside the Mind of a Chastity Slave

a personal perspective by chaste4MsCass

What’s the big deal about chastity? Why deny yourself one of nature’s most exquisite pleasures . . . → Read More: Inside The Mind Of A Chastity Slave

The Dicktator and c4MC's One Year Anniversary Of Dominance And Enslavement!

Yes one year to date, the very first call. Are you sure it was only 10 min? I thought it was an hour.  Tomorrow submissive slut gets a call for up to 2 hours if I should decide, but will not be released until the 10th or 11th depending upon infractions. he’s been very . . . → Read More: The Dicktator and c4MC's One Year Anniversary Of Dominance And Enslavement!

A very nice photo shop done by c4MC for maybe My new header…he has discovered every single curve, every single pixel…lol…

At any rate, chained is doing well and warm and it is now the 6th day that he is incarcerated as my total slave.  he is comfortable and has provisions to carry . . . → Read More: