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November 2018
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Advanced Chastity Erotic Audio For Good Chastity Boys

Advanced Chastity Training

Welcome to my world of advanced chastity training. This is the final installation #5 of The Good Chastity Boy. Listen and decide.



Time To Move On

You have proven yourself with stellar intermediate performance. You have gone beyond 4-6-12 weeks of lockup without a whimper, you . . . → Read More: Advanced Chastity Erotic Audio For Good Chastity Boys

Intermediate Chastity Erotic Audio 4

Intermediate chastity discussion is up next in this erotic audio series. Once you get to this program you have advanced to my liking, and I expect you to succeed. Give a listen to this intermediate chastity audio and comment.


Now that you have gotten your feet wet with . . . → Read More: Intermediate Chastity Erotic Audio 4

Milking Time For A Sissy Fag In Chastity

It’s Milking Time

Yes it’s about that time. It’s been 237 days after all, so milking is in order. I ordered La Fag to purchase a most elegant milking device: the Njoy Pure G Spot metal wand. La fag has tried the Aneros in the past and it did not quite do the trick . . . → Read More: Milking Time For A Sissy Fag In Chastity

Sissy’s Pink Chastity Cage Erotic Audio

What a surprise! A pink chastity cage in my toy bag. Not too happy about it are you sissy? This is what you get for sneaking around and being a very bad gurl!


Hi sissy! It’s me again. Mistress Cassandra holding this cute little pink cage which will replace your . . . → Read More: Sissy’s Pink Chastity Cage Erotic Audio

The Old New Cocklock Blog

The Old Cocklock Blog Comes Alive

The Chastity Mistress old new cocklock blog is being resurrected. This was Ms Meredith and my blog started several years ago. She has since left the company and I decided to make it solo. She started adding chastity device reviews as I will be doing along with chastity . . . → Read More: The Old New Cocklock Blog

Mummification : Encased and Chaste

Mummification is a captivity fetish I have written about before. It has many sides to it, materials and preferences. This essay is about what I have practiced , and it can get really creative with found material either bought or pervertable. Chastity confinement with mummification is always preferred.


I like saran wrap . . . → Read More: Mummification : Encased and Chaste

Prostate Milking For The Stuffed Up Sub

Prostate Milking

Prostate milking can be right there with medical fetish. Seeing a demo at a play club once was exciting and informative, so all of the kinky fiction you read about asses that are roughly plowed, don’t do it! Be nice to the prostate, it can be delicate and fragile. Done with a . . . → Read More: Prostate Milking For The Stuffed Up Sub

Humiliation Questions At The Lingerie Store

Humiliation Questions While Sissy Shopping

Humiliation questions to a lingerie store sales associate is essential for sissy training. It is useless to skulk around the panty tables and sheepishly pay for your sissy panties with head bowed as you leave. Sissy pride, I say! Victoria’s Secret associates are well trained with transgender clients so . . . → Read More: Humiliation Questions At The Lingerie Store

Training Unbroke Stroker Boys

Stroker boys on the phone sex circuit call for discipline and control. Why use the term “unbroke” as one refers to a wild horse? This is how he starts, and this is why he calls for cock control. His masturbation may have taken over his life, and he needs a masturbatrix to train him . . . → Read More: Training Unbroke Stroker Boys

Chaste For 89 Days

Chaste For 99 Days Coming Up

Chaste is waste for some, but not fuckie fag boi. We both understand that a chastity cage is symbolic. A boy can get out of it if he really wants. The old saying goes, ya gotta wanna. Now his new cageĀ  is on with the metal lock and . . . → Read More: Chaste For 89 Days