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November 2018
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Phone Domination For Sissy Bois

I Love Phone Domination

Phone domination rules above just plain ole phone sex. Don’t get me wrong, phone sex is a great stress remover in any way shape or form but domination phone sex is where I like it. The point of this post is based on a call from sissy ashley last night . . . → Read More: Phone Domination For Sissy Bois

Governess In Charge

Governess Play: Is It For You?

Governess play. It’s been awhile since I addressed my enthusiasm for being a disciplinarian with a whole rack of toys that enjoy meeting the flesh. Cato’Nine tail whips, canes of various materials, riding crops, single tail whips, paddles, wooden brushes, and of course leather clad hands for spanking. . . . → Read More: Governess In Charge

Thirty Days In Captivity

Get the old rate for the weekend. Details. LDW is having a great 13th anniversary month. Come and join us for some phone sex fun to prepare you for the holiday rush!

Tickle Tortured

So I had a tickle torture boy last week who gave me a spark for a new audio I . . . → Read More: Thirty Days In Captivity

Arrival: The Cuckolding Bull

A Rolex Watch For A Big Black Bull

Big black dick has arrived at the mansion of the cuckold and his beautiful Mistress. He is dressed in his Armani suit that cuckold provided. A rolex watch adorns his left wrist, that too provided by cuckold as well. Cuckold stands  at the threshold naked . . . → Read More: Arrival: The Cuckolding Bull

Friday Femdom Party


Punished For Being 6.5 Minutes Late

Friday night was a blast. Boy was 6.5 min late and was punished, even though it was not his fault. Friday night traffic is horrendous here. Too bad. He was punished of course, with an on-his-knees bitch slap. Boys who call often . . . → Read More: Friday Femdom Party

Parole Hearing For A Captivity Slave

A Captivity Necklace

The Hearing

Last night the captivity slave, “worm” aka “maggot,” had it’s parole hearing with Ms Delia and me. It is going away on business but it still has duties. It will be in chastity upon arrival. This list was drafted by Ms. Delia and read to worm last night. The . . . → Read More: Parole Hearing For A Captivity Slave

The Pico Cage Has Pretty Pink Spikes

Poodle Is Spiked

The pink Pico cage by Birdlocked anyone? When birdlocked came around, I had a real time boy buy one. His balls were a bit too big, even though I had him jerk off for me 3 times on his knees at my feet. This boy was great. We went to . . . → Read More: The Pico Cage Has Pretty Pink Spikes

Corporal Discipline This Weekend

6 Of The Best?

The Chastity Manual Outline

There is an outline on the chastity training manual. These are the next steps and are being worked on section by section. Most likely the chastity training page will be integrated into the manual. Some guys say I’m a little too strict, but I don’t . . . → Read More: Corporal Discipline This Weekend

Instructions For Strokepet2

The True Goddess of Bitch


That’s Meana Katrina in the photo. She totally dominates the docile male. She is first in line for food and when they play she bites his balls…OUCH! He adores her though, grooming her every chance he gets. Now isn’t it the way it should be?

. . . → Read More: Instructions For Strokepet2

Oh Franny Dribbles? Perchance Wearing Your Garbage Bag Today???

Teasing You To Tears!

I had the pleasure of a two Mistress call with the erotically mean Mistress Ryan the other day. She beat Me to the blogging. Check out her post gaggy gaggy says the faggy faggy to get more dirt on the loser sissy bitch We humiliated that day. Yep, humiliated . . . → Read More: Oh Franny Dribbles? Perchance Wearing Your Garbage Bag Today???