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November 2018
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A Giantess Christmas Fantasy

A Giantess World

A Giantess can do pretty much anything she wants when a boy has been shrunk down. The important thing is to contain him so he can’t escape. Especially if she is going to give the 2″ man as a Christmas gift to another Mistress.

Shrinking Stones From Outer Space

This . . . → Read More: A Giantess Christmas Fantasy

Guided Stroking With Two Of The Best

Guided stroking with expert strokers back to back makes me think of cock stroking olympics. Who will win the gold medal…..chastity cage that is. No winners in this game as there is really no contest, except between Mistress and the boy.

In the photo are stroking tools for a good guided stroking time . . . → Read More: Guided Stroking With Two Of The Best

Pass The Penis With Frustrating Denial

The Pass The Penis Game

Pass the penis fun with seven Mistresses on Friday proved to be a frustrating morning for one boy who ended with me as last Mistress. Why? because he was denied orgasm of course. With all that work! But I got cue from a little birdie that he was not . . . → Read More: Pass The Penis With Frustrating Denial

Not This Time Chastity Boy!

Nope no Cumming Today Either

Impish Mistress Cassandra decides yet again 90 days is not enough. Not rocking the boat in the marriage taken into consideration, the sissy bitch locked slave rob of course can and will perform marital duties if called upon to so. You see, I catch messages from a trainee . . . → Read More: Not This Time Chastity Boy!

Chastity Slaves Love Pass The Penis

Chastity Cages Excite Me

I can’t help it! I love that picture epitomizing a perfect chastity cage. There is is, in it’s full metal splendor! Oh…within two days, two boys reported their computers infested with viruses from porn sites. Free porn sites can have their price. I have said it before, beware, it’s . . . → Read More: Chastity Slaves Love Pass The Penis

Sissy Kendra’s Panty Collection

The Kendra Collection

What an exciting splash of color, and an impressive collection of different styles for a sissy in total orgasm denial. We call it cage free chastity because the panties are very tight and confining. Sometimes this is the case for those with tiny little cocks that will not fit in . . . → Read More: Sissy Kendra’s Panty Collection

How To Be A Good Chastity Slave Audio


How to be a good chastity slave. What makes Mistress Happy. What makes Mistress want to keep you around.

Number one on the list is loyalty. Since Mistress owns your cock, she refers to it as “her” cock. Her cock is locked because you inquired . . . → Read More: How To Be A Good Chastity Slave Audio

A Pass The Penis Audio

Your erotic audio of the week about passing the penis. Don’t tell me you have never tried!


Here it is. Pass the penis 101. Pass the penis is a game all LDW Mistresses know and love. Pass the penis is also loved by boys who are “stiff” into cock . . . → Read More: A Pass The Penis Audio

10 Min Free Strokes

Get Some Free

To kick off a month long celebration of LDW’s 13th anniversary, we are featuring everyone’s favorite promotion – Free Calls Day! On Free Calls Day, everyone gets a free call. And we mean everyone! As long as you are 18+, you get a free 10 minute call on Monday, November . . . → Read More: 10 Min Free Strokes

The Perfect Chastity Program

Well now, I guess it’s about time to post a little chastity audio. The program I have in mind for you! Enjoy!


The perfect chastity program. Now what is that? I would take my time training you in the way of cock control first.

In the beginning, . . . → Read More: The Perfect Chastity Program