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November 2018
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Cock Seasonal Hibernation: No Chastity For Me!

Got Cock Seasonal Hibernation???

About chastity training, the bulk of it comes in spring and summer. Cock seasonal hibernation reaches it’s peak in December, then goes bonkers on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes cock seasonal hibernation works with other fetishes too. We do have heating systems and fireplaces. There are even little space heaters as . . . → Read More: Cock Seasonal Hibernation: No Chastity For Me!

Humiliation Fun With Inflatables

Inflatables With Skype

Fun with inflatables started a few days ago as I was watching the mind fuck addict on cam. He had his lovely face covered with a black mask as he pumped up his big black anal plug, growing in his ass with my demand. That in turn spawned my post written . . . → Read More: Humiliation Fun With Inflatables

SPH You Know What It Means!

SPH Is Fun To Write About

SPH is yes! Small penis humiliation. So many posts I have written of this but not lately. I was rolling on the floor laughing with my last call. Imagining his cock was a pimple, and squeezing it caused a little eruption of cum. Of course I would never . . . → Read More: SPH You Know What It Means!

Sissy’s Pink Chastity Cage Erotic Audio

What a surprise! A pink chastity cage in my toy bag. Not too happy about it are you sissy? This is what you get for sneaking around and being a very bad gurl!


Hi sissy! It’s me again. Mistress Cassandra holding this cute little pink cage which will replace your . . . → Read More: Sissy’s Pink Chastity Cage Erotic Audio

Cockteasing Specialties For Kinky Boys

Cockteasing Pleasing

Cockteasing is fun as long as orgasm denial is not involved you say? You should know better than that! But then again, if requested up front you earn an orgasm. This is beside the point. The wonderful world of cockteasing is varied and personal. One sissy boi I know loves to be . . . → Read More: Cockteasing Specialties For Kinky Boys

Playing Charades With Tiny Cock

Tiny cock is a generic name for a boy I talked to today who inspired this blog post.  A novel way to play CFNM? How about Charades. Guess what is written on tiny cock’s piece of paper he will attempt to perform? Try “I have a small penis and I need to be humiliated . . . → Read More: Playing Charades With Tiny Cock

Small Cocks Need Love Too

Small Cocks Do Not Need Conventional Love..Humiliation Love

Small cocks need love, humiliation, and a pink ribbon. Am I alluding to sissies? Well they definitely fit in the category and they seem to love small penis humiliation. The way we show them love is through domination because having a small cock is a self . . . → Read More: Small Cocks Need Love Too

Cuckolding Femdom Style

FLR And The Cuckold Choice

Cuckolding has many variations. Today I address a relationship that started out FLR, and moved on to lots of experimentation into the world of clandestine adventure. Rarely does a couple admit to friends that cuckolding is going on. I have heard of bulls being driven into the garage to . . . → Read More: Cuckolding Femdom Style

Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio

Sissy gets spanked by the pool after her spectacular strip tease performance to Depeche Mode. Give a listen!


Your pink polka dot bikini looks awesome on you sissy. You lost all of that weight working out at the gym, spent time on your knees with your personal trainer . . . → Read More: Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio

Domme Depot Sissy Slut Audio

Domme Depot sissy slut audio,next audio installment awaits for those bois who love the strong manly type. Give a listen!


Now why in the world would a super sissy go to Home Depot?? I say super sissy because she is the one who only goes out enfemme. She it the . . . → Read More: Domme Depot Sissy Slut Audio