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Riding In Cars With Sex Toys

A couple of years ago in L.A., a carload of sissies passed me on the Hollywood freeway near the Gower St exit. What's special about that? Nothing mostly. I just thought about it last night while watching an old movie (not too old) with Drew Barrymore "Riding in Cars...

Coming…Not You But Free Minutes

Maybe you will get to cum on these free min depending who you talk to. Check the details! In training with me? Maybe your cock control schedule winds up on these hours with me. It may be your day to cum, locked in chastity, whatever the agreement is. Maybe the sissy...

Cocklock In The Xmas Stocking Erotic Audio

Sissy loves Christmas surprises, as I hand her her stocking on Christmas day, the drama begins! THE COCKLOCK IN THE XMAS STOCKING What’s this? It’s pink, it’s little and it’s silicone, and it was found in your little sissy christmas stocking along with pink sheer...

Chastity Cage Images Requested

I Demand Chastity Cage Images More like demanded. If you have a chastity cage you enjoy demands, so therefore I demand. Since I will be doing write ups on chastity cages, I will use chastity cage images that you provide and caption them of the brand. You will send...

Ball Busting For The Fun Of It

It's been a long time since I heard from this guy. He always starts the call "hey Mistress, get your boxing gloves out. It's your favorite ball busted bitch!". Shall I do some ball busting for the fun of it??? Yeah! The ball busted bitch went to a BDSM fight club and...

Cum Denial for 70 Days And Holding Strong!

Cock Control, Cum Denial, Tease And Denial, Out Of The Cage Chastity I love the tease and denial programs. Less formal than chastity, but strict none the less. No equipment to maintain, just a dick in cum denial. The great thing is he can precum all he We...

Endowed Sissy Erotic Audio

Usually I'm writing about sissies with small cocks. Not in this one, the anomaly. Super tall, super wide shoulders, super big dick. How humiliating! Meet the endowed sissy. Poor thing! BIG DICK BIG BALLS SISSY Sissy has a big dick and just doesn’t fit in. She is being...

Ass Play Meets Orgasm Denial

Ass Play Hoo-Ray! Ass play is hard enough, but add chastity training with orgasm denial, and you have a real winner.  I have a boy two months in denial so far with no chastity cage. Each tease and denial call gets more and more difficult, and no ass play can be added....

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