Sissy Girl With A Pearl Necklace

Sissy As A Cum Canvas Sissies can be little sluts, no doubt about that. More than one or two have mentioned pearl necklaces when hooking up with real men. They love to cum all over sissy slut's made up face, or where ever it lands. Sissy girl with a pearl necklace...

Musings Of A Strap On Slave

A candid essay was written by my slave andre. It's always good to listen from the male submissive point of view. Musings of a strap on slave is here and posted for your enjoyment and reflection. Strapons For Female Dominance Next to the caricature of a leather clad...

Fuck Of The Irish: A Bonus For Ya

What Is Fuck Of The Irish? I could have said "Cuck of The Irish, Duck, Puck for Midsummer Night which would be so nice now.......So you get a deal tomorrow if you are not out all night drinking green beer or indulging the green fairy. So fuck of the Irish is for...

Strap On Femdommes Gets A Face Lift

Strap On Femdommes Gets A Face Lift We are in the process of reconstructing strap on femdommes, a site for enthusiasts of ass fucking and buggery. As I overlook my bio, I decided it's a little too cowgirl. It needs a bit of sophistication and class, The rodeo has to...

Femdom February Free Minutes

Want Some Free Minutes? Two Days To Go! The end of February is a approaching quickly and I want to remind you that I will be available all weekend. It's my anniversary month, and I will  give you a free 10 min addition to your one hour call, 20 min to your two hour...

Extreme Sissy Humiliation

I Love Suggestion Scripts, The More Graphic The Better Every now and then a sissy boi will send me scripts and requests for extreme sissy humiliation phone sessions. I don't mention any names, but I love to post what is written,  especially if it's unique and of...

Domination In The Desert

Domination In The Desert Must Have A Play Room You imagine being in my big house, in the BDSM playroom, in the sissy styling room, but no. Domination in the desert is simply that. Out in the field. A sissy once spoken to had a styling salon fantasy. Feminization if...

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