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November 2018
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A Sissy Fag Instructional Course

A Sissy Fag Course For Newbies

A sissy fag in sissy school says I have an MP3 “A sissy fag instructional course” . I don’t recall putting one up but it could have been long ago. It did spark my interest though. It may also spark a series of weekly audios, much like what . . . → Read More: A Sissy Fag Instructional Course

Under Sissie’s Dress Erotic Audio

What should be under sissie’s dress? Panties, slips, bras, corsets, garters, etc… But what SHOULD be under that dress most importantly to make her curvy and feminine? Sissy must think man bait, she must think expert cocksucker. Like a real woman she will invest in her beauty and not ever be a silly little . . . → Read More: Under Sissie’s Dress Erotic Audio

Transgender Advisor Skype Sessions

Seeing You Girlie

Transgender advising is one of my most loved session choices. Yesterday I had the pleasure of advising a precious gurl whom I have been coaching sessions ago. Soon she will be a woman who underwent reassignment surgery. I love seeing transformations and passable trans gurls right on my screen discussing makeup . . . → Read More: Transgender Advisor Skype Sessions

Sissy Butt Plug Training Audio

Sissy butt plug training was by far the most fun erotic audio I have recorded to date! Well if you can call it erotic….hahaha!


Hello sissy, this is Mistress Cassandra your butt plug training coach. These days there are many butt plug selections available from so many kink stores. It’s . . . → Read More: Sissy Butt Plug Training Audio

Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio

Erotic audio recorded and provided by me. Be careful what you wish for sissy. One day you will meet a Mistress that will hold you to it. Give a listen and enjoy. Don’t forget to comment.


Erotic Audio Bad Gurl Sissy

He said to me on . . . → Read More: Sissys New Profession Erotic Audio

Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio

Sissy gets spanked by the pool after her spectacular strip tease performance to Depeche Mode. Give a listen!


Your pink polka dot bikini looks awesome on you sissy. You lost all of that weight working out at the gym, spent time on your knees with your personal trainer . . . → Read More: Spanked CFNM Sissy Audio

Pantyhose Punishment Phone Fantasy Call

For LaFag’s next call, and assignments, and pantyhose punishment will be in order. Often a sissy slave will get slack, and for it to admit it, is brave. This lengthy confession will be carried out.

“Mistress, during our last call we discussed pantyhose punishment. A punishment because the slut has not been wearing pantyhose . . . → Read More: Pantyhose Punishment Phone Fantasy Call

Domme Depot Sissy Slut Audio

Domme Depot sissy slut audio,next audio installment awaits for those bois who love the strong manly type. Give a listen!


Now why in the world would a super sissy go to Home Depot?? I say super sissy because she is the one who only goes out enfemme. She it the . . . → Read More: Domme Depot Sissy Slut Audio

Feminization Inventory For Sissy

Feminization inventory needs goals to achieve the pinnacle of sissydom, so FFB puts her goals on paper and follows them daily:

Mistress this is my T-Shirt replacement plan. On the left are all the male t-shirts that I own. all of them will be donated to Goodwill, and then I will only be allowed . . . → Read More: Feminization Inventory For Sissy

Humiliation Questions At The Lingerie Store

Humiliation Questions While Sissy Shopping

Humiliation questions to a lingerie store sales associate is essential for sissy training. It is useless to skulk around the panty tables and sheepishly pay for your sissy panties with head bowed as you leave. Sissy pride, I say! Victoria’s Secret associates are well trained with transgender clients so . . . → Read More: Humiliation Questions At The Lingerie Store