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November 2018
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The SAMY Submissive: Turning The Tables

What Is A Samy Submissive

The samy submissive is a lot of work. A samy is a smart assed masochist, by the way. In a real time relationship they would literally get the boot out my door, but on phone fantasy they are lots of fun. I had a request today for such a . . . → Read More: The SAMY Submissive: Turning The Tables

Humiliation Fun With Inflatables

Inflatables With Skype

Fun with inflatables started a few days ago as I was watching the mind fuck addict on cam. He had his lovely face covered with a black mask as he pumped up his big black anal plug, growing in his ass with my demand. That in turn spawned my post written . . . → Read More: Humiliation Fun With Inflatables

Cocksucking Adventures For All

Cocksucking Adventures Begins With The First Step

Cocksucking adventures are not only for sissies, there are plenty of boys who are faggy in the closet, and seeing or calling a Mistress for a phone fantasy session is on their list. So let’s get down to it. How bad do you want it is my . . . → Read More: Cocksucking Adventures For All

Free 10 Min Promo Coming Soon


The Sullen Caged Boy

Ms Hunter and I are having a great time training bumbling bildo in humiliation and chastity. I must say I have never seen anyone so gloomy in the chastity cage, but I believe it is sheer drama. He knows his . . . → Read More: Free 10 Min Promo Coming Soon

A Small Cock Rightfully Named


Cute Little Cock

I had a nice small penis humiliation phone boy today, intrigued with being viewed on cam by Ms Violet and me in the next few weeks. I burst out laughing when he told me that his handle is “wild bill smallcock”, and he is . . . → Read More: A Small Cock Rightfully Named

Pass The Penis Countdown

Today is the final day for your pass the penis special rates. So many have had fun with this all month. Enjoy today!

In the meantime, here is your weekly audio focusing on some sissy gurls having fun!


Warm that cam up┬áSissy Ashley and show me that fussy little . . . → Read More: Pass The Penis Countdown

Weekend Wanks

Sissy Foot

Heels For Sissy Sluts

Towering locking high heels on sissy donna’s foot. This shoe was not an easy task, but she did manage to walk in them eventually. I always stress to be sure to get the size right, no returns in cd stores. If you’re a lucky sissy, you may . . . → Read More: Weekend Wanks

A 6 Mistress Cam Session Coming Up

Stroking Games Keep On Rolling

Much fun is being had on Cassandra’s playground, one boy won 3 days of chastity, and another had very good work done on the blackboard. This site is for your stroking pleasure when I send you there, and for when I feel the need that you need a . . . → Read More: A 6 Mistress Cam Session Coming Up

Biggest Dick Contest

Big Dicks First

How big is your dick? Proof is in the picture. Send me a photo of your cock. This way when you call me I can look at the gallery and picture you stroking it for me. Be sure to give it a nickname , and, if you have cam, you . . . → Read More: Biggest Dick Contest

No Dexter? No Cumming until the Agreement is Reached

What’s TV without Dexter?

What? No Dexter this week?! Showtime stricken from my premium channels has pissed me off. TWC, notorious hard-ons, is bickering with CBS as if they don’t have enough money, either one of them. And then they hand me Encore as a patch which totally sucks. They have ’til the . . . → Read More: No Dexter? No Cumming until the Agreement is Reached