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November 2018
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Sissy Butt Plug Training Audio

Sissy butt plug training was by far the most fun erotic audio I have recorded to date! Well if you can call it erotic….hahaha!


Hello sissy, this is Mistress Cassandra your butt plug training coach. These days there are many butt plug selections available from so many kink stores. It’s . . . → Read More: Sissy Butt Plug Training Audio

Anal Play For Beginners And Ass Whores

Anal Play For Fun

Anal play is suggested often, I believe five in ten callers will request it. Some days everyone wants it. Some have toys ready and riding before the call starts. Anal plugs are often used first to loosen that hole, small, medium, and large. Lately I am suggesting inflatable butt plugs . . . → Read More: Anal Play For Beginners And Ass Whores

Electroplay The Mistress Way

Electroplay: An Elegant And Sexy BDSM Addition

Electroplay is one of my favorite genres of BDSM play, from the ultra sensual violet wand to the strict and painful tens unit. It adds elegance to the scene, and a lot can be achieved in little time with an electro box.  Mistress and slave can play . . . → Read More: Electroplay The Mistress Way

Medical Fetishism: Clinical Role Playing

Medical Fetishism Beginnings

Medical Fetishism is one of my very favorite playtime pastimes. I remember back in Los Angeles being introduced to it by a dear Mistress friend and mentor, Ms G. She had a slave husband who was in chastity much of the time. She had a playroom in their house which was . . . → Read More: Medical Fetishism: Clinical Role Playing

Ruined Orgasm With CBT

Cock Multitasking

Would you like some CBT with that ruined orgasm? Ending a CBT session with a little “thwacking” if done just right will lead to a spectacular ruined orgasm. How to attain it? Communication of course, and very good timing.

Sexy CBT Toys

Starting off with real CBT toys sets the mood, . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm With CBT

Ten Free Minutes Of Phone Femdom

Get Your Free Ten Minutes Tomorrow!

TOMORROW! Come one come all, from sissies to cuckolds and everything in between. Get tickle tortured if you like, or tie your balls up and eat your cum. What ever floats your boat, and I’m gonna rock it too! My hours will be on early and off . . . → Read More: Ten Free Minutes Of Phone Femdom

The Strapon Weekend With An Ocean View

Locked Again, and Unloaded

What a great Valentines day. I wore something similar as in the picture to frustrate my boy who had his last orgasm last night for a very long time. He is now locked back up in his happy new metal Queen’s Keep chastity device. He will be taken out . . . → Read More: The Strapon Weekend With An Ocean View

The Lush Spa: A Sissy Goes Organic


Today I saw the cutest flaming gay men walking by just swishing and limp wristing. In had a t-shirt that said “More Issues Than Vogue”. I totally believe it. I looked back as they passed and I swear the one with issues had panty lines!

I just finished a 500 . . . → Read More: The Lush Spa: A Sissy Goes Organic

Reward For 90 Days Chaste: A Ruined Orgasm

Ruined O ? Too Bad!

Just Another Ruined Orgasm

Poor sissy donna. 90 days of chastity training without one tease and denial session, and what did she get yesterday? A ruined orgasm and locked up again. Since she made it to 90, I don’t see why she can’t do 100. She was a . . . → Read More: Reward For 90 Days Chaste: A Ruined Orgasm

Stroking With Electro Pads


Tens Unit Play Time

Yesterday I received a surprise call from sissy vanessa with her noogle pump and an electro box I never knew about. We put 2 pads on each ball and one on the underside of the cock. Since vanessa was busy “noogling” the electrobox . . . → Read More: Stroking With Electro Pads