10 Days of Denial

100 Edges

A Humbled Chastity Slave

A Fistfull of Collars

Are You Thinking About Me?

Afternoon CBT Play

As Hard as It Gets

Bad Boys of Phone






Blue Balls

Big Dick on Cam

Got a Big Dick?

Bound and Chaste


Entertain Me!

Chastity Training for Sissies

Chaste and Humiliated

Chastity Captive

Chastity Conditioning

The Device

The Dice Game

Chastity Humiliation

Chastity Denied Bull

Chastity Program 1

Chastity Program 2

Chastity Program 3

Cuckold Humiliation

Cuckold Stroker

Pussy Power

A Cuckold’s Prize

Dice of Chance

Dick Training

Electro Cock

Get Your Fleshlight Ready

Humiliated Stroker 1

Humiliated Stroker 2

Humiliated Stroker 3

Humiliated Stroker 4

Humiliated Stroker 5

A Hapless Stroker

In the Cage

Little Dickie Gets Chastity Training

The Last Stroke

Lil Peepster


Fucking the Melon

New Years Resolution: Chastity

Nice Cock!!

Orgasm Denial Humiliation


On Your Knees!

Owned in Chastity

Pillow Denial

Pillow Pumper

Pin Dick Cucky

Ruined Orgasm Live Call

7 Days of Denial

E-Stim Cockstroking

Sissy in Chastity

Small Cock Humiliation

A Small Cocked Wimp

Stallion Dick

A Chastity Slave’s Ladder of Edges

Stroke That Big Cock

Stroke With 2 Fingers

Ice Cubing

Pearls Before Mine

The Last Day of Denial

The Right Stroke Stuff

20 Days of Chastity

Unlocked Cock

Violet Wand Chastity Torture

Web Cam Humiliation

Chastity Cheating

Chronic Masturbator

Harley Boy in a Cocklock

Chastity Cheating Again??

So Many Edges, So Little Time

Idle Hands

The Dicktator’s Motto

The Midas Touch

How To Stroke a Small Cock

Chastity: You Asked For It!

Cock Leash

Cuck and Deny

Dildo Blow Job

Danny Boi Fag Humiliation