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November 2018
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Phone Domination For Sissy Bois

I Love Phone Domination

Phone domination rules above just plain ole phone sex. Don’t get me wrong, phone sex is a great stress remover in any way shape or form but domination phone sex is where I like it. The point of this post is based on a call from sissy ashley last night . . . → Read More: Phone Domination For Sissy Bois

The BDSM Barn

Western Kink

Before I get to masturbation may, western kink anyone? Matt and I went to Phoenix on Saturday night after I was done with some erotic phone entertainment and went to a brand new play club called The Barn. The Barn is a different every night club mostly featuring D.J. rave type . . . → Read More: The BDSM Barn

It’s The Time Of The Season For Chastity

What’s your name, who’s your Mistress, is she a bitch, a bitch like me…

An old song Time of the Season by The Zombies, of course the lyrics are completely different. I don’t think chastity training for men was even around back then. Maybe it made it’s debut in the 90’s? Who can . . . → Read More: It’s The Time Of The Season For Chastity

New Year Kink Resolutions


Kinksters Listen Up

My resolutions are to have every single one of my sissies in panties to double their collections. To add one more month to chastity trainees time, to have more cum eater recipes, to have pain sluts order more CBT toys, and to enjoy my domination skills ten . . . → Read More: New Year Kink Resolutions

Sissy Shoe Sales Gurl Audio

Have the “I hate my job” blues sissy? How about listening to this audio for a change of scene. You may discover your true vocation, and you will have so many employee discounts, perks, and fun. Oh but not in just any store.


Sissies often dislike their jobs . . . → Read More: Sissy Shoe Sales Gurl Audio

Four Inches Of Fun Audio

Small penis empowerment! That’s what I call it. These are the times of being grateful for what we have. Yeah, yeah Mistress, you say, after all it’s always big dicks first! Some ladies prefer the non wear and tear for good reason. They are are waiting for the right partner eventually. A well . . . → Read More: Four Inches Of Fun Audio

The Stroker Boy Worship Shrine

A New Stroke Pet

Matty stroker made this shrine after days of stroking and edging. The assignment proved to be very grueling, so he needed a break. Stroking less and to the shrine, added variety to his instructions. Today he is on a whole week of zero stroke unless he sees his girlfriend.

. . . → Read More: The Stroker Boy Worship Shrine

Another On The Train To Sin City

A Work Of Art


Yep, that’s a Paul McCarthy sculpture, found by fuckie fag boi a few years back. I’m sure this piece had a lot of mixed reactions in Rome….

No Yahoo Msgr

Anyways, I have been meaning to remind everyone that the new Yahoo Messenger does not work on my . . . → Read More: Another On The Train To Sin City

Big Dick Little Dick Erotic Audio

It’s erotic audio time. Now this should interest a boy’s curiosity on what dick size a Mistress prefers.


A big cock is not always the best cock, not for a Mistress anyways, unless he is born submissive. They are around but they are not the rule. The big dicked . . . → Read More: Big Dick Little Dick Erotic Audio

How To Abduct A Captivity Slave

Abduction and captivity go hand in hand. Often a Giantess scenario will be infused to make it more potent. As the boy shrinks or Mistress grows, containing the slave is much easier.

Abduction And Captivity

A tree lined suburban street, birds singing, wind blowing, a white van pulls up beside that boy who . . . → Read More: How To Abduct A Captivity Slave