Chastity Contract

This contract is generic and will be tailored to our agreement. Do not send a contract unless you are in training by me. After an orientation call, this contract will be re-written and sent after all things are negotiated.


Chastity Contract

I, ___(slave name)_____________am now in chastity for Mistress Cassandra for a period of _____________, starting on________and ending on________.

Mistress Cassandra is the sole owner of my cock, and this contract gives her the right to loan my locked cock out to other Mistresses of her choice. I understand under contract any pass the penis games will be locked in chastity, and just simply teased by the other Mistresses. Under no circumstance will the locked cock be taken out to stroke.

Mistress Cassandra decides when and if she will check on her cock through webcam or a photo sent from a smart phone. All photos sent via phone will have a newspaper with photo to verify the date.

I am not to remove the cage until I get permission from Mistress. Mistress reserves the right to tease and deny, allow early release, milk the prostate, and check the health of her cock. Cages removed without permission will mean dismissal from the program. Chastity cheating is not tolerated.

I will always be respectful to Mistress addressing her as Mistress. Insolence and topping from the bottom will not be tolerated. Every blog post of Mistress will be commented on, and if ordered to keep a journal, I will do so. I will not be a pest with excessive emailing. Instant messaging is always initiated by Mistress. 

Signed _________________on__________

 Signature of Mistress__________________

*The frequency of calls is determined by negotiation. Feminization, assignments, coerced bi, pain toys, and all other fetishes used for diversion is determined by negotiation.

*If the slave is married, travels frequently, has jury duty, or works in a high security facility, the contract will be altered to accommodate.

*For more information read the Chastity Manual page now in process of edit