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November 2018
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Four Inches Of Fun Audio

Small penis empowerment! That’s what I call it. These are the times of being grateful for what we have. Yeah, yeah Mistress, you say, after all it’s always big dicks first! Some ladies prefer the non wear and tear for good reason. They are are waiting for the right partner eventually. A well . . . → Read More: Four Inches Of Fun Audio

Small Cock: What More Can I Say

Little Dickie Danny! Your “Cock” Shrunk!

Little dickie danny! After so long! Just the time, not the dick. I seems to me that little dickie danny’s small penis has gotten even smaller. To top it off, it doesn’t want to get hard and cum. Well, we will see about that. I remember the . . . → Read More: Small Cock: What More Can I Say

Poor Sissy Audio


So if you are going to go full on sissy, go full on girl. Study study study, walk, talk. Read Allure and Cosmo! Religiously.


The email:

Mistress, I really don’t know what more I can do to be more femme, since I have . . . → Read More: Poor Sissy Audio

The Cuckold Vows Audio

I love it when a boy writes a script that’s wonderful and creative. Here is one by little donnie dickless aka LDD. All words are LDD and what a very bad boy he is.


Carol is dressed in her original wedding gown which has been modified for the cuckold ceremony. . . . → Read More: The Cuckold Vows Audio

Humiliation With Sugar On Top

Sissy Humiliation, Most Appreciated

I do love humiliation calls, especially with sissies because they appreciate it so much. A sissy will never expect a Mistress to raise her voice during a humiliation phone session. They mostly prefer the sweet and condescending style, a subtle but very harsh humiliation delivered with a smile. Yes . . . → Read More: Humiliation With Sugar On Top

Yes You Are A Sissy!

Your weekly audio is here. “A sissy of course” is the name. Why would you even question if you are or are not. Here are the signs that tell you that you are!


You love the feel of satin on your little tiny dick, and if it’s a pink . . . → Read More: Yes You Are A Sissy!

10 Free Minutes On Wednesday July 29th

Stroke And Edge To This Picture

Free Phone Domination

Don’t you just love jerking off for me, especially with ten free minutes? Do as much time as you like and ten minutes will come off of your total. Be sure to mention it to our awesome dispatchers. We love making you squirm with . . . → Read More: 10 Free Minutes On Wednesday July 29th

The Boldest Cuckoldress

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cuckoldress In A French Maid Uniform

Imagine this: A cuckoldress with a penchant for big black dick gets a bit subby for these bulls. No worries here. She is never submissive to her little cuckold husband who possesses the smallest penis ever. Yes, he gets to watch the unusual request . . . → Read More: The Boldest Cuckoldress

Arrival: The Cuckolding Bull

A Rolex Watch For A Big Black Bull

Big black dick has arrived at the mansion of the cuckold and his beautiful Mistress. He is dressed in his Armani suit that cuckold provided. A rolex watch adorns his left wrist, that too provided by cuckold as well. Cuckold stands ¬†at the threshold naked . . . → Read More: Arrival: The Cuckolding Bull

Fifty Shades Of Cuckold

Cuckolds…who are they?

Cuckold Traits

I did not see the movie. I’ll wait until it’s on Netflix or Redbox. I heard it sucked anyways. Yes it’s been done before, as in 9 1/2 weeks with Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger. It also has the same ending I hear. The new submissive becomes intensely . . . → Read More: Fifty Shades Of Cuckold