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November 2018
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Masturbation Management: The Unruly Cock

Control The Cock Control The Boy

Masturbation management is just a fancy word for cock control. It became popular in the 90’s when phone sex became very popular and made it’s way to the web causing a huge explosion, if you want to think of it that way. Hey hey, my my, phone sex . . . → Read More: Masturbation Management: The Unruly Cock

The Ruined Orgasm Marathon Boy

Ruined Orgasm Marathon Fun

The ruined orgasm marathon boy does not like to be mentioned, nor does he comment. He is low key, so he says. Boy did not do so well in orgasm denial. He would end up teasing his cock in the shower and then blasting. With tease and denial phone . . . → Read More: The Ruined Orgasm Marathon Boy

Ruined Orgasm With CBT

Cock Multitasking

Would you like some CBT with that ruined orgasm? Ending a CBT session with a little “thwacking” if done just right will lead to a spectacular ruined orgasm. How to attain it? Communication of course, and very good timing.

Sexy CBT Toys

Starting off with real CBT toys sets the mood, . . . → Read More: Ruined Orgasm With CBT

Metal Cages Coming Soon

Jail Birds For Two

The two boys mentioned previously have both ordered “The Jail Bird”. It seems to be a very popular chastity device and has my stamp of approval. They are both on strict cock control right now until the cages come, and we know that Mature Metal custom makes them, so . . . → Read More: Metal Cages Coming Soon

Two If By Chastity

More Popular Than Ever

No it has nothing to do with the book or movie. Just sayin’ two more boys have entered the role, always a good new years resolution, to curb excessive masturbatory habits. Chastity training never seems to lose it’s popularity because masturbation is a habit that becomes obsessive in the . . . → Read More: Two If By Chastity

Masturbation: Plain And Simple

Cumming Into The New Year

Welcome to 2017. My short vacation from blogging was filled with masturbation management research of course, oh yes, sissy training as well. We cannot forget our little sissies now can we?

Variety Is The Spice

So my little research also include experimentation with my submissive boy who hangs . . . → Read More: Masturbation: Plain And Simple

How To Stay Active In Chastity Audio

There is locked slave rob on the left. one of his assignments is a picture a day in panties with cage on, and a humiliating affirmation written out on the board with the picture. Now give a listen on how to stay amused and stop thinking about your imprisoned cock…ahem…Mistresses cock that is!

. . . → Read More: How To Stay Active In Chastity Audio

Stroker Pet Discipline Game Audio

Are you embarrassed at your performance for Mistress during guided masturbation? Do they slip out, ruin out, or simply blast out? Listen to this audio and think of the possibilities:


Boys love toys, boys love stroking games. Here is what you need: lube, clothes pins, 3 rubber bands, a shoelace, . . . → Read More: Stroker Pet Discipline Game Audio

61 Days Of Orgasm Denial In The Chastity Cage

A Little Ass Play

It’s time to steam things up for chastity slave locked rob. 61 days is good, and he looks damned happy in his photos. I am going to have to get that prostate massager out for a little quasi cumming, letting some of the juice out. My personal fantasy would . . . → Read More: 61 Days Of Orgasm Denial In The Chastity Cage

It’s Good Being A Stroke Queen

She Could Be My Sister?

That’s Lagertha, warrior queen of The Vikings. Many say I resemble her. I have to admit, I like her power and strength, and she doesn’t take crap from anyone. If you care to, tune in to The History Channel and watch this series every Thursday night. It’s awesome. . . . → Read More: It’s Good Being A Stroke Queen