A little while back I wrote a post on Cuckold Boot Camp on how to be a good cuckold husband. Read it HERE. This subject always fascinates me because it is so risky it’s normally reserved for fantasy. This time I wrote about re-wiring the cuckold brain to putting super intent on pleasing the hot wife. The cuckold is always in service to be a good cuckold, and a cuckold must REALLY want this as it is risky for a relationship and things can go to shit real fast.

A Good Cuckold Husband Primer: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

How does a cuckold endure jealousy as he watches humbly as his hot wife gets plowed by the big black bull? Be detached and neutral. Easier said than done! Do you protest at the vision of your lips around a dick or does it make you raging hard. All things to consider.

Her needs first always, bull second, and you are last on the totem pole. A great deal of phone sex on the good cuckold behavior would help you understand the whole psychology of the cuckold triad. Personally, I think it is a hot topic for phone fantasy which opens the line to all kinds of direction.

Domestic servitude, is often addressed in a Femdom relationship which can definitely segue into a full blown cuckold relationship. A partnership that is in FLR is more secure than most, so the chances of cuckold failure will be a lot less.

What’s mostly involved is setting the ego aside and letting Mistress lead. You, being a submissive male, will have to practice dissolving the ego to compliance with the good cuckold rules. I say it can be done with a great deal of effort. But again, it’s a slippery slope but fun on a phone fantasy call. I would love to hear more real time experiences with your cuckold relationship. Call me for a chat.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164