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October 2018
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Body Worship Is Not Vanilla Sex

Body worship. What a confusing term this is for some. I’m running into this a lot, so I’m here to lay down the rules of what determines a body worship phone sex call. First of all the caller who wants to ravage me , eat my pussy till I explode, needs to call someone else. This is not body worship this is vanilla sex, and it’s not what I do. I get turned on by the control of a male through domination. Once upon a time, phone sex had it’s beginnings in heavy breathing, mutual masturbation, and vanilla fantasy. Remember the book “Vox” by Nicholson Baker? It was about a phone sex operator and a customer’s conversation. It was sweet, and a very intimate relationship. Something shifted down the road, and phone fun got sophisticated. Phone Dommes are exciting let’s face it, and phone Dommes of high intelligence were in demand.

Body Worship Is Not Vanilla Sex: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

You look to your right and see a very provocative pose and say “why that pose and no ravaging”? Simply because it is tease because I can. Imagine a no touch, but stroke your cock for me to many edges. Tease and denial came into phone play a little after the BDSM dungeon scenes simply because it was and is very practical. You have a cock in hand that I can control. All hell broke loose for me when a caller asked me if I would be his keyholder. Chastity, body worship,and orgasm denial love to play together.

Face sitting is a form of body worship most popular. Mistress can control many things with this especially if a boy is in bondage. Mistress in control for foot worship, leg worship, ass worship, just about anything she demands. She is on top, she controls the orgasm, she can demand what she likes.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

4 comments to Body Worship Is Not Vanilla Sex

  • Ecock

    Dear Mistress,
    The hard part for me is the “fantasy” part. I like it as real as possible. I like Mistress to be in control, telling me what to do with my toys, lingerie, and what not; even if it is in the realm of vanilla sex, she still has control. So, the idea of face-sitting as a fantasy does not really appeal to me, because there is no one actually in the room with me. If there is someone actually there, it would be great.

  • fuckie fag boi

    no-one has higher intelligence than You Mistress


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