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November 2018
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The Boy Lineup

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The New Boy Is A Good Boy

It’s always nice to see such a worthy collection nicely laid out and in good order. I’m sure you have had your eyeful of me? Not really hmmmmm? Anyways three new boys have entered my fun arena. One you have met, “new boy” soon to be renamed, and he has made it to 28 days already. He is out of town now in strict chastity. I played with him yesterday for awhile, and he ate his precum with great enthusiasm. You will imagine how much fun he will have eating his cum, the full load when it’s time, right new boy?

The Dice May Roll For Boy #2

Second new boy who is not named at the moment went through 3 days of chastity and was allowed to eat his cum at the end. he then locked up in his  cocklock for 5 more days. See you for this in a few days. I just may roll the dice, boi. Yes boi is right. He is a little sissy, now doing some butt plug training until then. He too has a nice collection on his list. These must be laid out this week for some toy fun if we have time.

My Own Personal Boy

Third boy is Matt my real time fun boy whom I spent most of the weekend with. We took a short jaunt to San Francisco and stayed in a Victorian bed and breakfast. I brought my black leather Victorian corset that fuckie fag boi gave me awhile back. Paired with a long black leather slit up the side skirt and black leather boots…yes! We went to a kink club and enjoyed the wonderful S.F. ambiance. Did you want details? It would make you blush. Maybe next time. Matt and I seem to get along very well in every resect.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


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