Cane Domination Governess Style

Cane domination, a form of corporal discipline, is yet another Femdom practice I have addressed before. The cane is beyond a doubt , my favorite method of domination in a “Governess” fashion. This post was inspired by a very good play friend whom I used to play with. His wife was my mentor in the art of caning, and he was the demo boy who loved every minute of it. He was a lucky boy who had two beautiful Femdom administering corporal punishment.

Cane Domination : Elegant & Functional: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


Practice Makes Perfect Mistress

If a Mistress wants to become proficient with cane domination, she must practice hitting the target precisely. A cane can do a bit of damage. The strikes are below the waist about 5-6″ all the way to the sweet spot. Cruel Mistress Ilsa von Strix is a caning artist who gave six of the best all the way down to the that spot. Six red lines formed in perfection. These strikes were not given lightly by any means.

Cane Domination : Elegant & Functional: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


How To Practice

Hanging boxing bags make the best practice targets. Practice by making chalk lines in a row hitting the target precisely. Until perfection is achieved, do not do this on a slave. Impact made 5″ below the tip is best. Impact in the middle may wrap the cane causing nerve damage. The back of the thighs below the sweet spot is hot, ending about 3-4 inches above the knees.


Rattan, acrylic, bamboo, fiberglass, crook handle, and one of my favorites “the meanie stick”, should all be in the Femdom collection. The Governess attitude is above all that. Without the tude, she is only rude. The black matt pencil skirt slit in the back with black leather stiletto boots, crisp white button to the top white shirt with black matt Victorian 3/4 corset under breast and to the waist, hair severely pulled back, black frame glasses. Elegant and cruel!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164