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November 2018
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Parole Mistress And The Parolee Slave

International Male Chastity Day

Parole Mistress has her work cut out for her . Since January 14th is the International Male Chastity Day, it may be very possible to pass the penis of this tiny cock celebrating 60 days of chastity training and orgasm denial. Nothing is mentioned here if the slave gets release . . . → Read More: Parole Mistress And The Parolee Slave

Captivity Slaves Do Well In Chastity

Captivity Slaves At A Glance

Captivity slaves have not changed much through the years. They love the idea of a custom made cell in the basement dungeon with a bed of straw. Orange jump suits, shackles on the wall and portable shackles. Torture implements in plain view hanging from a rack on the stone . . . → Read More: Captivity Slaves Do Well In Chastity

How To Abduct A Captivity Slave

Abduction and captivity go hand in hand. Often a Giantess scenario will be infused to make it more potent. As the boy shrinks or Mistress grows, containing the slave is much easier.

Abduction And Captivity

A tree lined suburban street, birds singing, wind blowing, a white van pulls up beside that boy who . . . → Read More: How To Abduct A Captivity Slave

Thirty Days In Captivity

Get the old rate for the weekend. Details. LDW is having a great 13th anniversary month. Come and join us for some phone sex fun to prepare you for the holiday rush!

Tickle Tortured

So I had a tickle torture boy last week who gave me a spark for a new audio I . . . → Read More: Thirty Days In Captivity

Captivity Is Not For Every Slave

So You Love Being In A Cage?

Matt Goes Captivity

I’m having such a grand time with Matt so far. We had a discussion on captivity slavery and how he would fare with it. We did try it but he had a round of claustrophobia. The cage used was like the worm’s a . . . → Read More: Captivity Is Not For Every Slave

A Bra Fitting Certificate

Bra Size Certificate

Cerificate For Bra Fitting? Imagine That!

Congratulations to sissy fuckie fag boi! This is the result of Noogleberry work done three times a day. Noogleberry also makes nipple enhancement which fuckie is investing in. She loves having breasts. After sending this certificate, she asked if she earned an orgasm. I . . . → Read More: A Bra Fitting Certificate

The Captivity Slave Crawls Back

The Worm’s Cell

The Fugitive Returns

Guess who is back and no longer a fugitive, yes…worm. It was an escapee for two months and now I sentenced it to two years. Since it has monthly business out of town, we consider this work release. To appease Mistress it has purchased a large “cell” . . . → Read More: The Captivity Slave Crawls Back

Phone Domination Made Easy Part 2

Chastity Training

Chastity training via phone is in the middle. Since I have been doing it for awhile, I have it down. It requires checking in, it requires patience, it requires hand holding. Chastity slaves tend to be on the needy side, well who wouldn’t be when a cock is locked and loaded. . . . → Read More: Phone Domination Made Easy Part 2

A Captivity Slave Escapes

The Worm Has Escaped!


As Ms Delia says “prisoners and criminals can never be trusted”. I found this meme suitable for the worm as it was so proud of it’s stripes. So the captivity slave worm, skipped out of town last Friday without one little word to Ms Delia and me! Shall . . . → Read More: A Captivity Slave Escapes

Chastity Mistress You Tube 2

Chastity Mistress Cassandra

Mistress Videos

Enjoy the you tube above, compliments of the “Blogmistress” You tubes are going to be a big part of LDW. My next one will be on extreme cock control, one of my favorites! I hope all had a great 4th of July. I didn’t have to go far . . . → Read More: Chastity Mistress You Tube 2