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November 2018
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Humiliation Fun With Inflatables

Inflatables With Skype

Fun with inflatables started a few days ago as I was watching the mind fuck addict on cam. He had his lovely face covered with a black mask as he pumped up his big black anal plug, growing in his ass with my demand. That in turn spawned my post written . . . → Read More: Humiliation Fun With Inflatables

Human Lampshade Humiliation Revisited

Human Lampshade Humiliation Objectification

Lampshade humiliation is for boys into being objectified in an odd and different manner. The versatile part of this human object genre is a Mistress can “fit the fetish”. She may dress the object as a sissy, harnessed, in CBT gear, or anything that pertains to the slave. Of . . . → Read More: Human Lampshade Humiliation Revisited

Two Chastity Slaves Perform

My Worthy Fucktard

2 Mistress Humiliation Session For Bildo

No that’s not bildo, but he did wear a dunce cap for Ms Hunter and me today. Today bildo surprised us with a bright pink mile high dunce cap. We almost forgave him for being such a needy, whiney, and flakey little beotch, but . . . → Read More: Two Chastity Slaves Perform

Attitude Adjustment For Bumbling Bildo

On His Knees Begging For A Phone Session

Bildo begged for a call today with Ms Hunter and me, so we indulged the hapless little in chastity loser with just that. I wrote about him last week on our other blog as you recall. Today he called to touch bases and to inform . . . → Read More: Attitude Adjustment For Bumbling Bildo

Humiliation With Sugar On Top

Sissy Humiliation, Most Appreciated

I do love humiliation calls, especially with sissies because they appreciate it so much. A sissy will never expect a Mistress to raise her voice during a humiliation phone session. They mostly prefer the sweet and condescending style, a subtle but very harsh humiliation delivered with a smile. Yes . . . → Read More: Humiliation With Sugar On Top

2014 Begins with a Mistress Demand


Hello boys and welcome to 2014. My news is Mistress Hunter and I have become partners in humiliation and everything involved with it. Soon we will have a humiliation blog that you who are humiliation junkies will be able to interact with us. Are you excited little dickies, sissies, chronic wanker boys, . . . → Read More: 2014 Begins with a Mistress Demand

Biggest Dick Contest

Big Dicks First

How big is your dick? Proof is in the picture. Send me a photo of your cock. This way when you call me I can look at the gallery and picture you stroking it for me. Be sure to give it a nickname , and, if you have cam, you . . . → Read More: Biggest Dick Contest

A Chastity Program With Luck And Patience

Queen of De-Nile

2 Evenings With Frankenweenie

“Frankenweenie!!! Such a teenie weenie! Hands to the side!” as said by Ms Meredith on our call with the always generous frankenweenie. Frankie called us 2 nights in a row and endured hours of humiliation, tease and denial, and generous virtual bouquets. The last night was . . . → Read More: A Chastity Program With Luck And Patience

The Good Old Humiliation Cam Days

My Worthy Fucktard

The Best Humiliation Slave To Date

That’s fuckie fag boi to your right but you have seen this slut before in cages, in the rubber dog mask, standing on the corner with a promotional banner in hand, and most memorably on the u stream Tuesday night cam shows I used . . . → Read More: The Good Old Humiliation Cam Days

A Gurl With Class

I’m always impressed with an Englishman/gurl. Yesterday I saw efie the pantyhose slut on instant messenger and decided to chime in to see how this little sissy bitch was doing. Her accident last year had me worried and I try to check in to see how she is improving, and with physical therapy, . . . → Read More: A Gurl With Class