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November 2018
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The Punishment Log


A Guilty Fag

Fuckie fag boi was beginning to feel guilty about all of her transgressions so he made this chart to keep track of punishments self imposed. On her road to faggotry and sissyhood, she feels that the only way she should look at an attractive female is through the eyes . . . → Read More: The Punishment Log

Sissy Moans Like A Porn Star

A Sissie’s Work

Recording Her Blow Jobs

My Amsterdam gurl fuckie fag boi is ordered to get a big black dildo to practice her porn star moans for her up and coming trip to Amsterdam. She did demonstrate today but it just will not do. She needs practice and a dildo is in . . . → Read More: Sissy Moans Like A Porn Star

A Sissies Shopping List


In Prepearation For Faggy Boi

Preparing fuckie fag boi for her ultimate assignment is both fun and imaginative. Of course she would never wear anything tacky or cheap. She is a high-class sissy, and always will be. She is now in her chastity cage preparing for her assignment, happy to . . . → Read More: A Sissies Shopping List

Sissy Kendra’s Panty Collection

The Kendra Collection

What an exciting splash of color, and an impressive collection of different styles for a sissy in total orgasm denial. We call it cage free chastity because the panties are very tight and confining. Sometimes this is the case for those with tiny little cocks that will not fit in . . . → Read More: Sissy Kendra’s Panty Collection

Earning An Orgasm Through Knitting

Spamming This Blog

Just a word about spamming my blog and hoping I will respond to the comment so you can create a little spamming free for all from wherever the hell you are from….I’m too smart for you! I just love the ones that come in written in Chinese. Seriously? Also the . . . → Read More: Earning An Orgasm Through Knitting

A Sissy Girlie World


Just Another Gurl

To the right, sissy knitter dana’s collection of sissy girlie things. Yes Halloween is coming, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to use these for Halloween only. Being sissy is a daily endeavor. Dana’s blog reveals so many lovely outfits and shoes and very devoted posts . . . → Read More: A Sissy Girlie World

A New Sweater For Mistress

A Sissy Who Can Knit

My new sissy, “sissy knitter david” must have her name girlied up. David is not a girlie name. Since I already have a “donna” I think dana will work. She does not have to change her blog since she is already becoming famous throughout the whole world. I’m . . . → Read More: A New Sweater For Mistress

Protocol For Sissies

Bad Sissies Need Rules

Protocol. Ah such a word, and challenging to achieve for a sissy slave. Eventually it becomes habit. Why this post? Because a certain sissy needs it, and that would be sissy boi mer mer who took it upon herself to email another Mistress for 2 Mistress sessions. I woke . . . → Read More: Protocol For Sissies

Slut Training Felicia Style


Pretty Pink Clothespins

Sissy mer has been a busy boi painting the clothespins that he borrowed from a neighbor. I ordered this little sissy to buy a package and could find them nowhere, so he went above and beyond duty and rang his neighbors door bell. Of course she has . . . → Read More: Slut Training Felicia Style

The Lush Spa: A Sissy Goes Organic


Today I saw the cutest flaming gay men walking by just swishing and limp wristing. In had a t-shirt that said “More Issues Than Vogue”. I totally believe it. I looked back as they passed and I swear the one with issues had panty lines!

I just finished a 500 . . . → Read More: The Lush Spa: A Sissy Goes Organic