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Pick A Chastity Cage

Chastity cage interest, the variety of cages has become immense. There are pink one’s for sissies, metal ones for the experienced, silicon ones for the athletes, metal cages which include the P.A. pierced, cages for the small penis set.

It Won’t Disappear

I’m not too crazy about the CB6000 but for a beginner cock cage it works. If you search images for the camo chastity cage, I think you would be delighted. My favorite toy store has the device. It says a great cage for keeping the submissive sissy in line, but I think it’s more of a manly arty cage for guys who enjoy manly things in black leather.

Chastity Cage In Camouflage: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Does It Fit?

Boy will have a “hard time” getting to his cock in this coverall, so why not. The price is right, and it will amuse Mistress while you are denied cumming. It comes with the usual extras the CB6000 provides, and the only real complaint is a small cock will most likely fall out of it, which will provide the opportunity for a little humiliation of the slave.

Order This Cage, Boy

This post is mainly written for a new boy I have for chastity training. This will be a one week trial because he is a chronic masturbator and needs to be broken in slowly. Too often a boy will beg for longer training but I find it works out much better if he breaks in slowly.

Kinky Company

Kinky friends in town is keeping me busy. My Mistress friend is staying with me this week and her domestic slave is due to arrive tomorrow. Don’t be too surprised if you call for a session and there is a human foot rest quietly kneeling for my comfort. It’s time to polish up my acrylic cane for a bit of corporal discipline exercise.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164