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November 2018
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Chastity Device Is Ordered

Chastity Device Assignment #1 Done And On The Way

Chastity device shopping is always fun, and mostly I leave it to the boy in chastity to browse around for new toys. Fuckie went shopping on toys4naughtyboys in the U.K. and purchased a lovely device called The Lock. It covers most of the cock so I’m happy about that. Fuckie has been known to chastity cheat in the past. The Lock device isĀ  handcuff style locking mechanism. This allows the wearer, or Mistress , to choose the tightness of the locking ring. Yes it is metal of course. It brings to mind The Houdini which we used in the past which was a cage that rusted in the mechanism, discovered when we took it off. Not a good thing. The new cages are stainless now and that problem is a thing of the past.

 Chastity Device Is Ordered: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Nails Done For Sissy Training

One assignment is completed, added was another and that is nails done to continue with sissy training. Another toy to be hunted down and purchased is The Gina Clip, thanks to one of my sissy cock controlled boys. A must have for any transgender, a tuck and clip device to be more of a girl. Hunt that down, ffb.

Cum Souffle

New recipe for cum eater Tom. Learn the art of French cooking. Make a souffle. Since eggs are pretty much the same consistency of cum, find a recipe and start substituting. Prepare this for your next call with Ms Erika and me. While it is still tall, warm, and fluffy (if it works that is), thrust that cock into it and work on the raw load. We can call this creation “The Cloud Buster”. Use plenty of sugar to make for a dessert souffle. Check with your head Mistress for approval!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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