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November 2018
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Chastity Lite Part 3 Erotic Audio

Chastity lite is the next step after your tease and denial period has ended. You have developed enough skill to understand denial and sexual frustration because you chose the path of chastity training for Mistress. Listen to part 3.


This recording focuses on “Chastity Lite” for the apprehensive beginner, the weekend warrior, the married with limited privacy, or the let’s give it a test drive curious seeker.

Chastity Lite Part 3 Erotic Audio: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

It will require a cage with numbered locks. after the initial tease and denial training, tease and please, and plenty of chastity lectures from Mistress, you are ready. Like anything else, the cage will take getting used to. Start out with a beginner’s cage like a CB6000, economical and comfortable enough. Take time to practice locking and unlocking. Boys by nature are mechanical. Do it right! Right means no chafing and comfort.

Chastity Lite Part 3 Erotic Audio: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Initial lockup call will be witnessed by me on Skype. Don’t let the plastic locks fool you. They are quite sturdy and tamper proof. If you tamper, you hamper. Be sincere. There is an agreement of time, there are daily check ins and a daily picture check. Usually the program will be 24 hours to one week. The goal is orgasm denial in the cage for the agreed upon time.

Some married boys sleep with their cages on, but most lock up at work leaving the chastity cage  for the next day. Married boys will always be expected to be caged while on a business trip…….listen to the audio above.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


4 comments to Chastity Lite Part 3 Erotic Audio

  • LOL, don’t you love how beginner chastity sluts think the numbered locks are child’s play–that is, until it sinks in that they are indeed seriously escape proof. They may think they can slack off and slip out, getting the upper hand, but they quickly realize they’re cock locked until Mistress chooses to let him out!

  • Male chastity play is so much fun. There’s nothing like a guy locking down his most prized possession for the love of his Mistress. I could go on and on about the benefits of long term denial, but honestly, it’s just a blast. Plus, I’m sure that any guy can agree a reward is always sweeter when you have to work for it, and Ms Cassandra knows how to put your will to the test for sure.

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