Yes It’s Femdom February And My Anniversary

Happy Femdom February everyone. Need to get your Femdom attitude adjusted? It’s time to give me a call, read my blog, and send me some positive vibes on Female Supreme. We are your catharsis relieving stress and horniness. We got you. Anyway, I bring you news from the land of mountains and red rock. Enjoy the boys I blog about, introducing a new way of cockcontrol with stockings and pantyhose.

CockControl With Stockings And Pantyhose: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Cock Control With An Unusual Twist

Let’s face it, plain old cock control can get boring sometimes. Getting creative with the art takes a bit of pondering. This fantasy is special and unique, and I love it. It releases my quirky humor and my creativity in a big way. I call this boy “stroker m” and he calls occasionally to have an intense call involving different colors of damp worn stockings and damp worn pantyhose gags.

CockControl With Stockings And Pantyhose

Enter Ms Cassandra in her kinky bedroom with a stripper pole in the middle of the room. Cassandra does not strip or entertain ever. The pole is for a certain boy who comes over for a cockcontrol with stockings and pantyhose fetish. She also has a rubber sheet on the four poster bed as well. She wears a tight black pencil skirt, with thigh-high black stockings, black stiletto pumps, and a cream colored silk blouse. Panties and bra of course but these are never addressed. Only the nude, black, and tan damp worn stockings and the damp crotch pantyhose.

CockControl With Stockings And Pantyhose: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Stockings Must Be Damp Panty Hose Must Be “Crotchy”

It’s about time for stroker m to make his appearance. The.first thing he notices is my shoes and stockings. I switch back to first person to make it a little more personal. The stockings are black, signifying this is a denial mode. Chances of cumming is 50/50, but in the meantime, here comes Sarah. Sarah pulls up in her car and ascends the staircase to my apartment. Sarah works with stroker m, and he loves her nude stockings and ankle high boots. She is tall, slender in a white pencil skirt and a rose colored silk blouse. Her hair is long and blonde and the color is nude stockings. Nude stockings are the stockings of yes you may cum but not if a black stocking is covering it.

CockControl With Stockings And Pantyhose: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Tied To A Pole And Used Like A Slut

Stroker m is tied to the pole with fragrant rope, legs spread for plug entry. He is the property of Ms Cassandra and Ms Sarah. His nipples are worked gently by Sarah and his ass is worked with a vibrating butt plug by Ms Cassandra. He is now contracted to make a weekly commitment to be the slave of the Femdom in charge, the holder of the stockings that torture and delight

A Damp Nude Stocking

It’s time to jerk off the slave with a worn damp nude stocking. A black stocking covers the nude stocking. Since his arms are tied above, he is at the mercy of the stroking denial Mistresses. Eventually, he is taken from the pole and thrown on the bed with the black rubber sheet. Arms spread tied , and ankles follow suit so he can endure the crotched panty hose stuffed in his mouth. His face is covered in damp stockinged feet and his nipples are delightfully tortured with a pair of suntaned stockings. The balls are tied tightly with a novel blue stocking, holding in his cum.

Permission is Granted

There is a really happy ending to this phone domination fantasy. On my whim, he eventually gets to cum with only nude stockings stroking his cock. Elaborate fantasies are appreciated for the sake of creativity. CockControl With Stockings And Pantyhose has ended and a slave boy is happy with his custom made fetish.

New Contract For Slut

I specialize in unusual phone sex fetishes and novel cock control. Soon a new contract will be posted in the page section about a slut who likes it frustratingly rough, my pleasure!

Cock Control Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164