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November 2018
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Crossdressing The Domestic Slave

CD Or Sissy?

Crossdressing is definitely not sissy mentality. A sissy is much easier to dress up as a domestic slave, however, because it involves total submission which crossdressers mostly lack. Crossdressers can be down right dominant, asking you to have vanilla sex and to get a little switchy. Big fat no, so a crossdresser in my realm must be willing to submit to a Mistress. I have talked to cd so masculine sounding that I had a hard time imagining them in panties. Sometimes I get a picture which helps, and it can be very surprising.

Crossdressing The Domestic Slave: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

A Crossdressing Supervisor

Sometimes in real time D/s play, a crossdresser will apply for domestic duties. If they are fit for the job, why not. Often enough a Mistress will have several sissies who have domestic duties. If Mistress is busy, a crossdresser may provide supervision over the sissy maids on any given time. Often a cd likes a little corporal discipline and may top from the bottom to get it. This needs to be watched carefully. The last thing a Mistress needs on a busy day is a caning session on a SAMY.

A Great Addition

Crossdressing the crossdresser may have been a better post title, but I decided on this to address the crossdresser being dressed other than a slut. So, the challenge is, cd seeing the maid regalia laid out on the bed and not protesting. Having a willing and attractive sissy maid certainly helps with hopes of having a reward at the end. What the crossdresser mainly wants is an intro into the kink world, and may have valuable experience in catering. Being around peers is important in the often solitary BDSM world. Unless she lives in a big city, cd clubs may be scarce. A Mistress must interview with an open mind, a cd may be a huge asset.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


12 comments to Crossdressing The Domestic Slave

  • Gee, I don’t know, Ms. Cassandra, but for some UNKNOWN reason I literally laughed out loud when I read that a crossdresser could POSSIBLY think he gets to have vanilla sex with you. Oh please! What is he going to do, take off his panties and babydoll nightie, throw you down on the bed, and show you what a big strong man he can be? NOT. 😉

  • Love this blog Ms Cassandra … especially this point: “If they are fit for the job” — that’s really the issue beyond just the things like the frilly sissy maid outfit. It involves so much more than merely dressing. You are the perfect Mistress to make sure that they do the FULL job!

  • Ecock

    How many ways can Mistress dress me up?
    One for the cum slut who needs galore
    Two for the night out to be her whore
    Three for the night with all her bulls
    Four with the cocks filling the holes
    Five for the lady she wants me to be
    Six for the sissy hidden in me
    Seven for the slave awaiting
    Eight for the bulls she has me baiting
    Nine for girly friend to be around
    Ten for her pleasurous sounds

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m both Ms Cassandra. I am a cross dressing cream puff girl. Honestly the women’s clothes fit and feel better on me then my boring boy clothes. Especially wearing bra/panties/d cup breast forms underneath my clothes with my slip. Having all of the mistresses dress/lipstick kiss/turn and keep me as ldws cream puff girl is sooo hot!!! I can’t say no/fight nor resist as this is who I am and become.

  • Oh my goodness. There are honestly so many ways to dress a crossdresser. It makes me dizzy just thinking about it. It’s also hard for me to imagine a crossdresser not being dressed as a slut, even a domestic slut. I get it though. You gotta mix it up now and again because there’s nothing worse than a boring routine. Keep it spicy!

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