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October 2018
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Cuckolding Is A Dish Best Served Hot

...and you said chastity training please?

…and you said chastity training please?


I just received the oddest email from some boy “Can you come down to 343 XXXX street, XXX, X at 7:00 pm? I replied “Sure…I’ll be there naked and waiting”. Anyways…..

Cocktoberfest Coming

So we are having a Halloween Party called “Cocktoberfest” on October 30th. It will be in chat. I missed the timeline for the blog fiction, but please enjoy who has and will post. There will be more on this coming up.


A Love Of Cuckolding

Cock controlling, sissification, and chastity training is my main area of focus. There is so much more as you know. I have a great love of cuckolding which will be my focus today. I have to mention that cuckolding has a major place in every form of D/s. A Mistress has the power to  (after negotiation) enforce the cuckolding option in the relationship when she desires.

Dynamics Of Cucking In A D/s Relationship

In a D/s relationship where other dynamics are in play, cuckolding can be a side dish served for a little extra variety. In this case, a bull will never be permanent because a bull is essentially dominant or at least aloof and there for sex only.  A Mistress will enforce this rule of having the bull over on occasion and gone the next day.

Nouveaux Swingers

The cuckold lifestyle is different. Think of the 70’s swinger scene with a submissive twist to the cuckoldee. The woman is neutral and enjoys sex with a big cock but she is not a Mistress. The submissive puts himself at the mercy of the new “Mistress”. She will decide where it can go.

The Cuckold Lifestyle Goal

Ultimately if it evolves from the fantasy perspective, woman turns into Mistress, bull is given some reign to rule, and submissive is where all submissives should be, relieved of responsibility, and a complete cuckold slave. A complete cuckold slave follows direction of Mistress, bull is a passive element, and ultimately the leader is Mistress. Bulls come and go.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164


8 comments to Cuckolding Is A Dish Best Served Hot

  • Very true! Bulls do come and go and the Mistress should always call the shots! (Hehe.) I think that cuckold is becoming more and more mainstream! Tilda Swinton is cucking her husband. She thanked both her husband and her lover at one of the awards shows. Her lover travels with her and her husband stays home with the kids. Doesn’t that sound just like one of our cuckie boys?

  • I love this Dicktator post Ms Cassandra! Sometimes when a guy calls phone sex for a cuckolding scene he might not be aware of all the sexy possibilities available. As you pointed out it might be a hot swingers scene where his hot wife is starring in his very own porn movie … that’s a voyeur type of erotic scene but not necessarily part of the D/s scene. I’m with you in that I get more aroused when there’s the D/s element in the cuckolding …. With the Bull also dominating the poor cuckold husband! Awwww, poor guy. Not really! ~laughs~

  • sissymaid saddie

    It allows me to bath & dress mistress
    Then to prepare dinner for her & her bull
    Then to serve mistress in any way she wishes

  • Ms. Cassandra, you def serve this up hot! I know how well you train that cock for your Chastity program. Now I see how well trained your cucks are. I loved the whole 70’s analogy. The 60’s had the free love and the 70’s had the swingers. But today we have self assertive females getting satisfied by the bull if the hubby can get it done. Great blog, Ms. Cassandra.

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