Electroplay Fun For Kinks

I’m researching electro boxes  for a few boys who would like to add something different to their calls. Electroplay fun is great with cock control. I like the Rimba unit because of it’s versatility and nice price. Attachments can be added for extra fun. I’m not into the internet boxes that require logins and surprise checkups because they are impractical. and very expensive. They require software downloads and scheduling. If a boy wants to buy one and use it during a call, I’m all for that as long as a call is arranged, but downloading software is not my favorite game, especially lately. The Rimba is my choice for a tens type unit. Electroplay fun with tens pads on the balls while a cock control session is in progress is awesome! Attachments such as electro cock rings are especially fun. Electrode butt plugs for anal training anyone? Paying a little more for a more extensive box will allow for many different attachments. The Rimba is a good starter unit.

Electroplay Fun Enhances All Kink: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Dreamlover and The Watchful Mistress

The Sophisticated Shocker

Electroplay with a Dreamlover unit is the chastity slave special. It has shock over the internet capabilities. It’s also costly. The software features lots of variety. Both partners must be logged in to use it, and I had a slave who would arrange with me surprise “visits”. In this case we arranged a window of time where we both would be available. Sometimes he got no visitations, and sometimes quite a few.

Great For Stroke Sessions

Electroplay fun on orgasm denial calls is most effective. Ordering the stroke pet to boost the power and intensity during a very close edge can assure that he will not cum unless he is a full on electro freak! Since I shop at The Stockroom for all of my kinky toys, the Rimba is there to be viewed. Go there and comment. I’m sure you have other favorites to compare.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164