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Fear Of Chastity

What is fear of chastity and cocklock training? Tell tale signs are filling out the application, emailing, and getting cold feet. This has happened three times in a row in the past few months. Chastity can be iintimidating. I agree it seems final. The boy who dreams of having the cocklock fused and hermetically sealed on his dick is enjoying a huge fantasy. I cannot realistically do that, nor would I want to do that. It would be an unhappy event save for gothic fiction. I have had fun with that chastity fantasy in the past. This post is to make boys feel secure in the cage and delete the fear,

Fear Of Chastity And Cocklock Training: Mistress Casssandra 1-800-730-7164

The Dicktator Moniker

Back in the early days the moniker “the dicktator” was intimidating as chastity can be. Fear of chastity followed because many boys got married or had other good reasons. Chastity domination walks tall with most forms of BDsm.  I think it compliments the other forms as it no longer is exclusive to having a submissive slave. Chastity can be added to the training. Exclusive chastity training is for the purist.

Chastity And The Married Male

Exclusive chastity is perfect for the married male. He is a part timer living the dream with a keyholder and an unwilling or uninterested wife. He is not ordered into dungeon clothes. He does not endure the marks of the whip. He simply wears a cage at the orders of Mistress. He may be given tasks of any nature they agree upon. She will schedule orgasms and stroke sessions. Orgasms are decided by her or negotiated between him and Mistress. The reason for the application is to give Mistress an idea of what she may build in the foundation.

Discussions Welcome

I welcome any discussion on this topic in the comments section, and reasons why you have a fear of chastity. Mostly I believe many are afraid of being discovered. Phone sex training is convenient for the reasons of a clandestine encounter, and this is a perfect ground for chastity training.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Chastity Mistress