Phone Sex Foot Fetish Is The Site Of The Month

Phone Sex Foot Fetish will be the focus site for the month of June. Who has it? Secretive boys who may have the bottom feeder fantasy. A woman’s foot in a sandal is very celebrated in very warm climates such as India and parts of the Middle East. The beauty of feet comes alive everywhere now. The pedicure salons are brimming with gorgeous feet, and what sissy does not like strappy sandals! Foot fetishes for June’s celebration are our focus for this month. My nail polish of choce is black for the summer. Sissies are not allowed black, only pink!

Foot Fetishes for June's Celebration: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Welcome Samantha, A Good Gurl So Far And Forever

Feminine Sissy Samantha joined my stable for sissy training late last month. Welcome Samantha and I hope I don’t make it too hard on you with my penchant for orgasm denial. The first couple of weeks were hard on her because I rarely allow newbies to have an orgasm on the first call. She did conform, begged, and was denied. I believe this is a true test of submission, and she passed. Samantha has very elegant taste in lingerie. Plenty of satins and silks in pastel colors, lots of lacy things. Some of these photos will be uploaded here very soon. Sissy gurl sunbathes in the nude at her private pool but I have ordered her to purchase a bikini so she will have tan lines. Tan lines are essential to please a Femdom of course. A minimum of sunscreen may be better for delicate sissy skin. We do have to watch the wrinkles after all, right sissy?

Foot Fetishes for June's Celebration: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

I Will Be More Available This Month For Foot Fetishes And Everything Else

My availability was a little erratic last month and didn’t get much blogging done. My little brother was in town for about 2 weeks. Calls were here and there and no early appointments could be made. We went out quite a bit in the evening for dinners and happy hours. He plans to move to Az in the next year to attend the University of Az. in Tucson. Yippee! This area holds much interest for me because of mountain hiking, particularly Superstition Mountains at Apache Junction. While he was here we went up to Monument Valley in Utah. Pictures below are posted, and the famous Monument Valley photo that everyone sees is not posted because, well, seen too much and I said so.

Foot Fetishes for June's Celebration: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

An Amazing Trip To Monument Valley, The Mystery of Agathla Peak

Agathla Peak on the right is an eroded volcanic plug located in the four corners region of the Navajo Reservation. This basalt volcanic rock is sacred to the Navajo and hiking or climbing is not allowed. Other names for it are Owl Rock, El Capitan, and Church Rock. Hopi call it a place of dark magic and it does feel magical. It stands out from the highway as the tallest and most noticeable rock. The whole area is very mysterious, and the vortex energy is very strong and breathtaking. Navajo spirits are felt surrounding this if you are so inclined towards the mystical.

Foot Fetishes for June's Celebration: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Arches National Park Coming up!

Not everyone is as enthusiastic as I am about rocks and geology. This photo on the left is a view from the trail we hiked. I believe this is mostly a sandstone structure. From the trail we could see plenty of natural etchings of various colors. Next trip we planned is Arches National Park in Utah. Stay tuned.

I am now taking calls more regularly for June. July, my brother returns to Az but will be in Tucson. I may post pictures of the Superstition Mountains from the Lost Dutchman Trail.

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