The Sullen Caged Boy

Ms Hunter and I are having a great time training bumbling bildo in humiliation and chastity. I must say I have never seen anyone so gloomy in the chastity cage, but I believe it is sheer drama. He knows his trainers have a hold on him, and his head is spinning like a top. So far the road blocks reached have been cleared.

Free 10 Min Or Free audio

Ms Hunter and I are planning a promo. A one hour call geared to whatever your kink may be with both of us while you are on Skype. After the hour is up you stay on for 10 free minutes or you can have a free 10 minute audio recorded from the call. Your choice. Of course if you choose the audio from the call, I think good  memories on record. I will of course keep you posted when, so stay tuned. There are many more ideas for future promotions as well including humiliation interval training, intensive chastity training, sissy slut training, and intensive cum eating.


Your Get What You Pay For

Back to bildo. Ms Hunter and I examined the knock off silicon chastity devices and gave them our approval. Possibly they are badly made in China (my mom was laughing the other day on Made in China, before it used to be Made in Japan. My how things have changed). Even so, $30.00 is a bargain even if it lasts 6 months to a year.

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