Get Naked For Us!

The site of the month is Get Naked for Us. What do you know of CFNM. It’s time you learn because it’s one of the Femdom calls I love to do the most. So, get naked for us and don’t be shy. If you are shy, I imagine so much humiliation that you will have tears in your eyes.

Get Naked For Us And Don't Be Shy: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Sissy Stripping And Pegging

You don’t have to be a sissy to like this genre, but it certainly helps. Dressed in pink and cropped by a room of Femdom sounds sexy. Eventually we know where this leads, yes you guessed right. Pegging with a big fat strapon in every playbag, every size and color, and at any time of the day.

Get Naked For Us And Don't Be Shy: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Serving Us With Abject Humiliation

You will perform and serve. We take off points for lousy dancing. Get your moves down and suck your dildo as you dance. Bend over and show us that big inflatable butt plug which will be taking turns in in each of the Mistress hands. Some hands will be lenient and some cruel. Paddling is definitely in order.

Domestic Servitude And Foot Massages

How are your bartender skills? We expect our Mojitos to be made with expert skill along with the snacks which accompany. All mess is cleaned up immediately without thought as we prepare for the foot massage order. One fun thing we Femdom love to do is slap your little dick with a strap while you dance. Is it getting hard as we do that? That is telling, little masochist.

Red Assed Corner Time

Femdom eventually will decide on corner time. Facing the wall with a red ass from caning is a great photo op. Being gagged and blindfolded make for some unpleasant surprises, so prepare with those nipple clamps. They will be pulled here and there so you will be certain that we have not forgotten you, little toy.

A Dickless Dancer

Eventually the party will end and you will do your final dance, stroking that little cock as the room fills with laughter. “Such a puny little cock, no bigger than a thimble. It should be permanently locked in chastity!”.

Get Naked For Us And Don't Be Shy: Ms Cassandra1-800-730-7164


Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

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