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The Tool Box


Several lucky boys got to cum last week with a dice roll. Stroke pet alex, and higgy. Never again will use only one die. Both boys guessed the right numbers and got to cum. These boys must have had their intuitive thinking caps on. How disappointing for a tease and denial queen.


I’m passing pantyhose slut efie over to Princess Britany here and there. We did a 2 Ms call last week for fun. Now fuckie is buying her racy fishnet stockings. This will be a double cucked sissy slut who also gets to be shrunk by two strict and sadistic giantesses. The slut does have novel ideas in pervert fiction. This slut should post pervie fiction on Lulu and send me the proceeds.


mistress, an idea for a fantasy

the amazing shrinking cream  and the perfect chastity cage

mistress has had one of Her slaves, an industrial chemist develop 3 potions.

(1) A tube of cream that shrinks individual body parts. This cream is designed to shrink individual body parts,especially cocks.  The cream shrinks at a factor of 1 : 50

(2) For general, whole of body, shrinking Mistress has a spray which shrinks at a factor of 1: 100

(3) Mistress also has an antidote which is a spray that reverses the shrinking process and makes the slut and its body parts larger restoring the slut and its body parts to their original size

The cream, is perfect for masturbating slaves like fuckie, because the cream can be applied (using latex gloves!) to the slut’s palms , if fuckie  tries to stroke, her cock will shrink and the harder and faster she stokes the smaller her cock  becomes, so a 5inch cock will shrink to 1 tenth of an inch. Mistress can then use the shrinking body spray to shrink the whole body down by a  further factor of 100 so a slut who is 5feet6 inches (66 inch) will be shrunk down to a little more than 1 inch, when used in combination, the cream and the spray will will result in a cock that is 1/500th of 1 inch.

The fun part comes when Mistress uses the second spray, for this She can place a very small steel tube over the slut’s penis so that when the slut grows back to full size the cock will grow by many factors  (5,000). more than the rest of its body and the cock at full original size will  fill the tube entirely. If planned correctly,at full size the cock will be jammed inside the tube with no hope of extracting it, and no chance of stroking the cock Mistress wiil spray all of the antidote spray on a tissue and throw it in the trash in front of the slut so the slut knows there is no reversal and its cock is trapped inside the tube forever

enslaved Pantyhose slut to Mistress Cassandra and Princess Britany


Ms Meredith and I may have a chastity boy caller to split in half and train relentlessly. Always I hear cb6000 when my heart cries Neosteel. It may be very comfortable with balls free and fondleable, but that cock is very neatly and safely tucked away with just enough room to create the most delicious frustration. Now diddle that one poor frustrated boy!

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164