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November 2018
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How To Be A Girl

Girl Things

Girl Things

Being Femme

This post will be all about a sissy doing her absolute best to be a sissy as girlie as possible. It all starts with fashion magazines and studying closely transgender model Andreja Pejic and Lea T. These models are so hot, genetic female models are jealous. This is where it starts. Study absolutely everything about these models, look at their pictures, watch them cat walk on youtube, study their history, and strive to be these gurls.

Andreja! Hot!

Andreja and Lea of course worked very hard to get where they are now. Understand they had all of the essentials of being effeminate. It’s time to get you started first with the bare necessities. The magazine I recommend above all is Allure. Allure not only has fashion trends but tips on being as feminine as possible. Cosmopolitan is #2 because Cosmo teaches you to be sexy, seductive, and strong. Yes strong, sissy. It takes strength to strut your stuff with confidence. Cosmo will make you a sissy cocksucker if you are so inclined.

The Fuckie Collection

The Fuckie Collection

Strut Your Girlness

Learning to walk and gesticulate in limp wrist fashion is nice but does a real girl do that ? Nope. If you watch Andreja, she has an air of feminine magic, not overly exaggerated. Walking is also learned from a Mistress, or simply sitting in the mall cafe, watching women walk by. You tubes of fashion runways, old movies with Marilyn Monroe, music videos, etc.


Essential girlie wear which is pictured here is necessary and must be worn at home always. Order a girdle with hip and butt pads, and of course breast forms. Get used to walking in high heels and wearing perfume and makeup. Body waxed, hair grown out and styled, nails done, and facials are on the to do list. All things feminine including your home. Femme it up! Pink sheets please.

Ahhh The Voice

The hard part. Your voice. You must invest in a voice program online. We need a realistic voice, no voice like Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, absolutely not! Voice is practiced every day. I just googled “female voice lessons for transgenders” and came up with tons of resources with a youtube being first. Get to work gurls! Impress your Mistress and maybe some real men.

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14 comments to How To Be A Girl

  • Your ready-made Gurl Kit compilation is positively siss-tacular! It’s like a ready made glam gurl and all you need to add is the doll herself! The Fuckie Collection neon pink pantyhose are so fem-fabulous. I can think of many a pet that would look diva divine in those. Wonderful post!!

  • You are so right, Ms. Cassandra! The voice is essential! But that is a tricky one to overcome. What on earth did we do before youtube? There are oodles of resources out there for all of the girly wannabes! I mean, the world is your oyster, folks! Get out there and make it happen!

  • i can’t wait to wait to start practising all this, thanks for the tips Mistress. I have started with Allure which I can read online. the hardest things are going to be the walk and the voice, but practice,practice, practice! and of course Andreja is my favourite role model.


  • slave boi mer mer

    Great post Mistress Cassandra,
    I have a lot to learn and appreciate the leads to becoming a better sissy for you!
    I will certainly keep you updated upon what I learn.
    ~mer mer

  • Peter

    I’ve been getting waxed 13 years so that doesn’t bother me. I’ve been reading shape magazine on how to get bikini body as well as eating like a girl. The only way they look good is they eat very little. Allure is something I need to do and once I start feminization circuit with you I’m sure you will have me reading that. Ms Cindy,Ms Fiona & Ms Gia are in on feminization circuit along with you. Ms Cindy said I’m whine to much like a girl and if I keep it up she is going to strip me in bra/panty/pumps at mall for everyone to see. Also Ms Fiona wants to try shades of lipstick on me by applying on my lips as well as kissing me on cheeks to see shades also she will have me wear women’s leggings with women knee high boots with bra along with clear long sleeve button down shirt so everyone can see my bra. Ms Cindy & Ms Gia also plan along with that to spend day of shopping and have me try in dresses. They plan on having me wear women’s clothes all the time. They also put additives in my food that gave me hairless, soft,smooth , petite body as well with my breasts growing out to c cup and they put white tip press on nails on me. They have pictures of me in bra/panty/heels getting of and if I complain they will show everyone. With that said in in the 4 of yours clutches with none of you letting me go. 🙁

    • You do whine alot…poor poor sissy…”woa is me, tee hee” as you say!

      • Peter

        Ms Cindy said I need to stop whining so much and she’s right! I want to do feminization circuit and having you, her,MsFiona, MsGia and 8-10 mistresses giving me advice as well making me wear women’s clothes/bra/panty/boots/heels and taking me shopping I’m greatful. I know my days of going out with women are over as all of you are going to turn me into a cream puff. I’m not into cock or guys. With 15 mistresses I’m outnumbered, overpowered and to weak to resist. I can’t win and the urge is to much to resist. It look like you have 2 cream puffs now with mer mer & myself.

  • Jasmine Delite

    Mmm reading this made me shiver with desire and what you say is true Cosmo and Allure are so much better than Penthouse & Playboy

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