Governess Spanking Not To Be Forgotten

A great week it was for Governess spanking, Governess sissy trainer, Governess phone fantasy roleplay. Now the phrase coming out of the woodwork may be appropriate. The most fun was “Larry” who read my bio from Spankedbyphone. What resonated was within the writing of giving him the spanking of his life . Certain phrases resonate with many such as “I’ll give you something to cry about”. These are triggers which spark that kink fuse.

Governess Spanking Roleplay: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Governess Roleplay

I’ve written a great deal about my favorite role play which is Governess spanking, and caning of course. Why do I like it? Not only is it corporal discipline, but often clothes make the Mistress. For me anyways. Wearing the white high buttoned shirt excites me more than low cut cleavage. I do not have large breasts and I never cared if I did. If I thought they were important, I would have had big tits built. The brain makes the girl, not the breasts. For me, Governess play is a high form of intelligent role play.

Tight Black Pencil Skirts And Black Boots

A true Governess does not wear kinky clothes. She is mostly in conservative attire, keeping a tight ship. Gone are the days of knickers and grab your ankles for the cane. The Governess has her place in the BDSM world of tight fitting pencil skirts and boots to the knee. In her toybox are crops, canes, and of course opera length leather gloves made for Governess spanking.

Over My Knee For The Spanking Of Your Life

Needless to say, more like Larry must reach my listing and phone domination. More must get over my knee for the spanking of their lives. More must kiss my boots and taste the crop. More must be on there knees uttering the words “yes Governess”

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164
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