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October 2018
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Guided Stroking With Two Of The Best

Guided stroking with expert strokers back to back makes me think of cock stroking olympics. Who will win the gold medal…..chastity cage that is. No winners in this game as there is really no contest, except between Mistress and the boy.

Guided Stroking With Two Of The Best: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

In the photo are stroking tools for a good guided stroking time presented here by “rich the bitch” my newest stroke slave who will need to endure a pass the penis session very soon. I am especially fond of pearls for guided masturbation. Each pearl works with acupressure points on the cock to create a healthy and happy stroking session 🙂 The aneros is good to use during the session for added frustration and humiliation. what are these locks for with no cage. But wait…I haven’t gotten to the sissy panty boi part.

Guided Stroking With Two Of The Best: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

This is why rich is a bitch. He can be sissified with panties and other girlie wear coming in the mail soon. He’s a nice boy actually. The locks require no chastity device. It seems that rich the bitch had a faulty circumcision when a baby. He actually has a slot for a lock like this with no need of a cage, frustrating him when he tries to stroke. He wears jewelry in it all the time, now a plastic lock. Wish I could show you the pic just sent. It fits just perfectly. Two weeks so far of orgasm denial. Last blast was on 11/21.

Last night my personal best stroker called for more countdown. This time it had been awhile since he had sex with his girlfriend and he was climbing the walls. I decided for the sake of sanity he be granted an orgasm this time. His last call he held out much longer, this time he was drained. That full moon out there. It’s time for him to get out to a pro domme, so I am doing research now. I settled with a California Femdom with a BDSM collective that I am familiar with. It’s always good to experience this once in your life.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

3 comments to Guided Stroking With Two Of The Best

  • rich the bitch

    awww rats – You saw right through my sucking up! LOL

  • rich the bitch

    Those are some awfully kind words there, Mistress! i can tell You’re going to test my abilities in many ways – but wearing panties is one that i just enjoy a lot – the materials feel SO much better than icky boy underwear 😉

    i wish You could show the lock insertion too, i know it’s very hard for most people to picture. At least You have proof that i wasn’t making things up LOL

    rich Your bitch

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