Various Human Animal Role Plays

Human animal role play is one of my most favorite Mistress activities and fantasies. My style has no abuse of course, just strict training, rote memorization, clicker training, and if you are a pony, some cropping.  Doggies get newspaper and leash training humiliation, monkeys get the captivity cage, hamsters get small penis humiliation, and there is no training of cats because cats top from the bottom and just say “fuck off”.

Human Animal Humiliation Role Play: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Rubber Dog

Several years ago, fuckie fag boi was a rubber dog chasing balls, barking, eating kibble from a bowl and drinking water from a bowl as well. He was a rubber dog in chastity, in a cage, and never allowed to cum. If he were here , he would be leashed and taken for a walk, newspaper trained, humping Mistresses leg, and sleeping in a doggy bed. This picture caused lots of attention.

Human Animal Humiliation Role Play: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Dominant Equine Trainer

The most interesting human animal is the horse because equestrian female wear is most sexy, especially the boots and crop. Saddles are available for pony play where the slave is tacked up and ready to bear the weight of Mistress. Bits are particularly humiliating, simulating a gag. Blinders keep slave’s eyes forward and focused. Reigns are pulled, spurs are constantly in use. In horse training, the horse is looking for a strong leader. Perfect Mistress role.

Submissive Horse

Old school training is applied to pony play, no Liberty training except for the signal points used to direct the horse. In this case, the points are pressed hard and strict domination training is administered, something I would never use on a real equine. Often there are pony play competitions, and every slave is expected to win. Trotter cart races are fun. As you can see, pony play and leash training for a “dog” can be a lot of fun. Care to indulge your objectification fantasy? Call your trainer.

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