Feminization Is Enforced With Humiliated Sissy Confessions

Many sissies love to be humiliated, and many sissies love to confess. The journey of FFB has taken many turns and twists from humiliating assignments to the endless noogling of the breasts. Shrinkage in the chastity cage has been achieved to a tiny nub. Humiliated sissy confessions are demanded on each call to Mistress. I insist on more affirmations with each call.

Humiliated Sissy Confessions: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Still Noogling After All These Years

The “Noogling” has been stepped up to two times daily with one hour on each breast. One affirmation is ” she used to be ripped but now she has titties”. I don’t recall the amount of years FFB has been noogling , but it has been a diligent effort from a boy sized flat chest to a double D cup. The ultimate goal is a hefty full G cup. Being retired, she has plenty of time to spend noogling. There have been times when she overdid it and became bruised. Diligence and safety is the key.

A List Of Humiliated Sissy Confessions According To The Sissie’s Needs And Desires

According to  sissy sm, the list here is humiliated sissy confessions and I took these into account for our last call:

“Teasing humiliation.  SPH, not a man…
Being a slave/sub to Mistress, within the agreed limitations.
Shopping, though i am very private, so online.
Being told how to dress during sessions, when i am home, or covertly at work.
Sissygasms never need to happen.  i am not looking for sexual release.
Fantasies of being used by others sexually.
Enforced chastity for specific periods of time.  No release regardless.
Chastity in a cage or when i create my “vagina” using tape.  Vagina chastity is my favorite method as i can wear panties and look like a Woman.
Discipline – spankings with crop, cane, or hair brush.  Either for infractions or just to keep my attention!
Wear a plug for some length of time.
Required to wear my breast forms – breasts are my fetish!
Charting my “period”,  not literally, but something that must be done during a particular time of the month for a number of days.”
As long as sm is in my sissy training and humiliation calls, she will experience a period once a month according to my schedule. Maxi pads will be on her shopping list for the first three days. After that mini pads. The pads will be laced with cranberry extract or any juice with a deep red hue. Cherry juice is a choice as well. Two days before my period starts, she will purchase a pint of her favorite ice cream to indulge in satisfying the cravings. A weepy girlie movie is encouraged. Gone With the Wind is a choice, or for something more updated, The Danish Girl wins out. sm will get an email on my beginning of cycle.
Humiliated Sissy Confessions: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

A List Of Sissy Affirmations According To Fuckie Fag Boi

After sissy periods, a douche is recommended. Summer’s Eve makes a very cleansing vinegar douche which I recommend, available in the feminine department of your drug store.  Now for a list of sissy affirmations by fuckie fag boi. It and She are interchangeable depending on the degree of humiliation to be experienced.

I used to be straight but now I’m a sissy faggot

It used to have a big dick but now it has shrunk in a cage

It used to have a hot girlfriend but now it has a stud

It used to wear boxers but now it wears panties

It used to be a porn addict but now it watches censored porn and she male porn.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Humiliated Sissy Confessions: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164