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November 2018
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Introducing The Circle Suck

Purple is your favorite color you say? Get practicing!

Purple is your favorite color you say? Get practicing!

A Favorite Guy Sport

I know everyone knows what a circle jerk is. In case you don’t, imagine a bunch of guys sitting around in a circle jacking off. Who will be the winner, and what will his prize be?

A New Sissy Sport

A circle suck is a surprise given to a panty waist sissy who is an avid cocksucker and cum eater. What sissy doesn’t like to be the center of attention after all, so there she is, in the center of a circle consisting of huge dicked men. From the right the selection is the biggest dicks first, all the way down to a mere 9 ” dick.

The Bukkake Reward

The sissy cum eater has a variety of tasks including bukkake. A break will be allowed but the objective is to eat as much cum as possible, enjoy anal sex with whomever likes it, all culminating to bukkake. She must complete the circle to get the bukkake reward.

All Aboard For Cum Time

Yesterday I had a call from a sissy who loves punk rock especially Iggy Pop. I had her watch a you tube by Iggy called “Funtime”. I had her change the lyrics to:

Baby baby really like your dick, baby baby really like your lips

All aboard for cum time!

I feel lucky tonight, gonna get boned and run around

All aboard for cum time!

One has to love Iggy Pop and his vacuous 80’s lyrics.


Mistress Appreciation

Are you doing your holiday shopping? Don’t forget your Mistress regardless if it is me or not. One of my very sweet boys bought me a pair of Nepal boots from Tom’s. He will definitely receive a photo of my pretty feet wearing them.

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



4 comments to Introducing The Circle Suck

  • How delicious a little competition to spice up the pecking order of the cocks/peckers! A what goes around cums around karmic wheel perfect for sending out the old and getting ready to ring in the new year.

    And I absolutely love the creative Iggy Pop song w/ reworked lyrics! So hilarious and priceless to have serenaded I bet.

  • Hehe, wouldn’t it be the ultimate if Iggy Pop actually saw this blog post? That would be too cool. I really like him, too. I’m not that familiar with his music, but he put on a dress for a public service announcement about trans people and that we should be more accepting. I thought that was awesome. I would love to hear him sing YOUR lyrics, Ms. Cassandra! You are so wicked creative!

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