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November 2018
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LaFag’s Sissy Shopping In London

Sissy Shopping For FFB

Sissy shopping is by far my fave assignment for all sissy gurls. LaFag (aka fuckie fag boi) had some great finds to bring home . A bra fitting was in order too. I would show the pretty pink card which was proof but the sales associate put LaFag’s boy name on it. It had a cute little pink heart next to it though, so sweet! 38 C. She must be so proud!

LaFag's Sissy Shopping In London: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Report

“Hello my name is Autumn and I understand you are looking for some women’s lingerie for yourself”?
We go up two flights and I am shown into a small room with a bright pink low chair

What can I show you first?

“I think some bras”

“Do you know your size” ?

About 38C but I would like you to take an accurate measurement.


I explained that I liked the bras at the entrance to the store on the ground floor, ivory-colored.

Autumn came back first with a black bra and said, “Try this on for size first. press this bell when you are ready”.

LaFag Gets Help

She went out and I put on the bra, it fitted quite well and i pressed the bell. Autumn came back and said how much she liked it. I asked her if i could try something in ivory. She disappeared again and came back with three bras in a cream/ivory/off-white color.

This time she helped me put on the bra, doing up the back strap behind me. It fitted well and I really liked the color and the shape. She said she liked it too, and there were some panties that matched it, she showed them to me. they had a little ruffle around the waist band which I didn’t like very much but she was very persuasive so I said yes.

She asked me if I wanted anything else. I said I needed “everything” I showed her my list which included:

corset, bodysuit, babydoll, nightdress, pantyhose and stockings, and panties of course.

She took me down to the ground floor and told me to wait while she gathered some things. After a long wait she returned with:

*a pink silk/satin nightdress

*a white nightdress with dots

*a black nightdress in a stretchy opaque material

*a burgundy mesh babydoll.

I chose the dusty pink nightdress and we went off in search of bodysuits and corsets. She showed me a black bralette with a collar which i liked and chose white. I was so disappointed that they did not sell pantyhose or stockings 🙁  Next on the list was panties. I told her I liked thongs because I always like something up my ass. So it was a thong in ivory.

To see the whole event see LaFag’s blog post.

LaFag has posted on her blog the chastity training check ups, and now posting her nipple torment assignments which will be given most days. Sissy shopping is always on her agenda. It is necessary for her growth as a girlie boi. Since LaFag mentioned to the sales associate she liked things up her ass, I do believe anal butt plug training is in order very soon!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164






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