Medical Fetishism Beginnings

Medical Fetishism is one of my very favorite playtime pastimes. I remember back in Los Angeles being introduced to it by a dear Mistress friend and mentor, Ms G. She had a slave husband who was in chastity much of the time. She had a playroom in their house which was devoted to medical play, complete with examination table with stirrups. Trays of electro attachments, speculums, medical drawers full of examination devices, and a big bright lamp above the table set the tone for this play room. Of course medical restraints hung from the sides of the table.

Medical Fetishism: Clinical Roleplaying. Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Medical Fetishism Room

We made sure the three of us got to the dungeon play clubs early so we could grab the medical room. Mostly, the medical room always seemed to be vacant, but one never knows. We always drew a crowd of lookie loos. Ms G also mentored me in electroplay. She had a violet wand kit and several tens units, one being the famous eros tek wireless with butt plug and urethral attachments. She also mentored me in caning which was the finishing touch after medical treatment. She was a true Femdom and never deviated from that…ever! FLR was their lifestyle.

Medical Fetishism: Clinical Roleplaying: Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Bright Lights And Dental Dams

Medical fetishism for awhile became my focus at clubs with willing submissives who needed a thorough exam. Feet were bound in stirrups, reflex testing with a tens unit, speculums inserted with addition of an electro butt plug, bright lights overhead while a dental dam was inserted, finally “medicine” of saved cum given for prescription. The cock was examined and milked into a condom for the “lab”. Finally a chastity device was “applied” like a protective bandage to prevent “surgery”.

Sexy Scrubs And Stethoscopes

I never wore a rubber white nurses uniform or cap. I preferred actual scrubs altered to look kinky with a stethoscope around my neck. I liked being a doctor in charge discussing how to surgically remove unruly growth and behavioral patterns.

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