That Medical Play White Coat

How do you like your medical play? Do you enjoy a dominant Femdom doctor with a medical coat and stethoscope that listens to your heartbeat anal style? I imagine a specially designed stethoscope in the shape of a small dildo for the task. Maybe you prefer a sexy nurse with a bag full of condoms taking a sperm sample for a fertility test. Instead of the teddy bear shirt and baggy pants, she would wear a classic uniform unbuttoned at the top to raise your temperature.

The Endless Role Play Fantasies

Medical play is not confined to conventional doctor or nurse play. Do not forget the psychiatric nurse who humiliates you or the psychotherapist that makes you confirm your feminine tendencies. Many medical specialists can join this team in a specialty hospital for unusual conditions. There could be a re-attachment penis transplant doctor along with trans meditation therapy for the patient in need of calming reassurance. Do you have a special fantasy I have never heard of? I’m sure you do!

Medical Play With The Fetish Of Orgasm Denial: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Cock Control Therapist

I would like to introduce a cock control therapist as a specialist. The new world demands survival of the fittest which means men must have more control over the dick than they ever had before. Beta males are at an advantage as they can jerk off and cum at any time they like. Denial and chastity could become the new medical fetish for all orgasm-denial professionals. Men who were denied orgasms made the best slaves for Femdom.

The Specialist In Tease And Denial

The duty of the cock control therapist is varied and challenging, She (and they will always be a she) will be a specialist in tease and denial, and all forms of cock control training. Ruined orgasms top the list because of the challenge it presents. The office will be filled with aphrodisiac scents, candles, and a therapist clad in Mistress fetish wear. Of course, there will be a therapy couch with ambient trance music playing designed with suggestions. In a display cabinet, there will be chastity cages on display for sale. Various lubes are entitled  “denial bottles”.

Medical Play With The Fetish Of Orgasm Denial; Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Denial Bottle

A typical denial bottle will contain coconut oil as a lubricant. Peppermint oil is added, not for its holistic value, but for discomfort. A comforting denial bottle will contain rose oil for its soothing effect. The peppermint always sells out because cumming is not an option in the cock control therapy program. Plans for “The Denial Boutique” are in place. Not only will it have denial bottles of various potions, but also denial toys. Chastity cages made for P.A. piercings are top of the list. Dildo vibrators are programmed for painful delight. The cock control therapy program is designed for the necessity of controlling the male orgasm in every possible way.

It’s About The Examination Table

These days medical play is as it always was, a medical room with an examination table complete with stirrups and medical restraints. The restraints are normally brown leather and professional looking instead of black leather strict. However, in the cock control therapy room, all things look and are kinky design. In a regular medical playroom that you may see in a play club, toys such as examination speculums for anal exams, condoms for cum storage, and then deposited in the mouth are laid out for use. What does a medical room have to do with orgasm denial? Plenty.  It eventually leads up to orgasm denial after the balls have been drained. After the cum has been saved in the empty condoms and consumed, then comes the fun. Endless chastity training.

This is just an example of medical room fun. It is a versatile role play. It is ritualistic and must be well-planned. The surprise is the first impression of seeing that examination table that you will be restrained on. Then what does nursie have in store for you.

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

This is not an A.I. generated writing 🙂