Mistress of the Day 10 Free Minutes This Wednesday

Let’s celebrate (or not) post-midterm elections with a free 10-minute call with me on my Mistress of the day event. My day is this Wednesday the 9th. We are celebrating LDW’s 20-year anniversary, so pop in and get your free ten minute call. You can have a quickie blast or a catch up call about what’s been going on. I should be here most of the day up until 9 or 10 pm. Please, no political discussions, no rants, no hate. Remember what the Lakota say: right wing left wing, it’s all the same bird. Just spread the love, something that has been missing for a few years now. Let’s do the age of Aquarius or Aqueerius, whatever turns you on. To celebrate, I will be wearing this red lingerie set all day no matter how wet these panties get! And YES! It fits as it always did except for my buns of steel!

Mistress Of The Day , Join Me Wednesday: Ms Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

Chastity Training With Me

It would be so divine to get five new chastity boys for the new year. Ones that sincerely want to be locked for the new year and beyond, true submissives that need Femdom to lead. Experienced Femdoms are rare, so prepare to serve me and adore me and my dominance. You, in return will have respect if you so deserve it, if you are truly sincere in your submission. You must earn it, and I mean that with all sincerity.

A Cage For Every Dick

There are so many awesome chastity cages to choose from these days, one’s for every dick size, little pinkies for sissies, super tights for shrinking ( yes shrinking, gone are the days of hopes for a big cock because it just did not work, but we CAN shrink them now). There will be your New Year’s resolution. Shrinking the cock at least one inch. Look, I am not kidding. These days some guys want shrunken in the cage. It takes the pressure out of the small penis misery. It’s like….my Mistress made me do it.

If You Have No Need For A cage

Other wishes i have are long term denial without a cage. This is pretty much a discipline, a warrior’s path of orgasm denial. I want to see gone are the days of oopsie doodle my noodle squirted. No bueno, These excuses will not fly. The world is becomming tougher and so should orgasm denial training. You will request “with or without”. With being the warriors way, without being the helpless limp wristed sissy way. I am up for either way. Humiliation is humiliation, and you will get it either way. Let’s discuss this on our Mistress of the Day call.

Finally Hiking Wth My legs Of Steel

After a very strange weather cycle in October, hiking has taken on new meaning as in get it while you can. Today was a good mountain day with plenty of sun. The deep “Fitness Nerds” squats have given me iron woman thighs and the nautilus gym workouts have given me killer lats and biceps. Im ready with the sling shot to be Mistress Bad Ass all month long. I’m back on Tumblr, follow me!

Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164