Mistress Of The Week

It’s my week, the 4th through the 10th. Give me a call and see if you win a ten minute call with me, any time you would like to use it. I hope you are randomly selected. Good luck! My schedule this week as always will vary. I will be on for our strokethon this week. I will follow up with more information on that in the next few days. I will not be on tomorrow, Tuesday the 5th. I will also be off on Saturday. Matt and I will be hiking that day and kinking out that night. Sunday I will be around after 2pm pacific. I take calls during the day mostly but open to appointments no later than 8pm pacific.

It’s Masturbation May

As you must know, it is Masturbation May. My philosophy on masturbation is varied. It really depends on the training program after all. Once upon a time boys bought a Penthouse or zine of choice and just jerked off to the images. Things have become more sophisticated because of technology. In the beginning of phone sex and phone sex domination, there were only recordings and the 900 number. Not long after, ladies were hired to work from an office to provide kinky calls with their long hidden fantasies, from sissy training to hard core domination. A great movie on early phone sex by Spike Lee is Girl 6. Eventually direct call evolved for Mistresses like myself with specialties.

What I like

My specialty of course, is cock control, chastity training, and sissification. Wrapping them all up into one is heavenly. My philosophy on masturbation is training and enjoyment for you and amusement and creativity for me. Enjoy Masturbation May with us!

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164