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November 2018
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Mistress And Her Submissive Helpers

MIstress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

MIstress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164

The Tease Please

I just love how everyone played my little tease and denial game last post. In this game there is only one winner, and that’s me! I think it’s pretty fair. The only protest I got was ffb wanting panties under the pantyhose. Since she is “grandmothered” in, I let her win that one.

Giantess And Her Little Helpers

On the 23rd of this month, expect a Christmas post on “Santa’s little helpers”. The possibilities are endless. I can imagine a group of little tiny boys as Giantess Cassandra dons her sexy red Santa suit. What would she be directing them to do? I can just imagine. If you were a tiny boy, what would be your choice of service?

Get Your Frillies Out, Sissy

Santa can be Mistress with slaves entertaining her and her Mistress friends. Little helpers could mean little dicked boys with humiliation fetishes. The little helpers could also be pinked out frilly sissy maids, dizzy and running into each other. Punished with spankings and cropping. Yes indeed, so many possibilities.

Denial Is Good For Focus

Back to tease and denial and the enjoyment of it. During the holidays consumerism takes hold, and the stress levels escalate. One would think marathon orgasms would be popular. Nope. It is tease and denial, chastity training, and orgasm ruining that heads the list. Simply because shoppers need to keep focus. Personally I don’t have a large shopping list and prefer the after Christmas sales. A good after Christmas gift for boys is the gift of cumming perhaps twice during a call.

Arrange for your Christmas gift with me beforehand. I will make the list and check it twice, and the naughtier the better!

Chastity Mistress Cassandra 1-800-730-7164



6 comments to Mistress And Her Submissive Helpers

  • Merry f*cking Christmas, right? I love that you have it all planned out! And you’ve got something for just about everyone! That’s too cool. The sissies, the pindicks, the chronic strokers, the teeny tiny little men and I would imagine, just about anyone in between. Oh my. It sounds like a great party, indeed! I would love to come to your party, Ms. Cassandra! The more the merrier, right?

  • Ms. Cassandra, you certainly know how to elevate the holiday festivities, and I love the mental image you painted of the fun. I could not help but laugh aloud, thinking of silly, excited, ruffled sissies bouncing off of the wall and each other like little pink orbs in a pinball machine. As for the tease and denial, it’s always a good time for blue balls. Excellent post!

  • Oh my. Mistress Cassandra, you know how to entice those naughty men to call. I agree with you, that men need to stay focused at this time of year. Then again, much like you, I tend to find a reason for denial and chastity. *grin* Your idea for a holiday Giantess scenario is adorable. Happy holidays to a fabulous Mistress and friend!

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